Oli Stauffacher, from S3one Productions, just dropped a fresh new edit with a very different perspective on the classic windsurfing video. The style, action and cut captures more than our attention, it's freakin' awesome and is without a doubt the best video we've seen in a long time, it is no wonder it took a year to create.

BS: Why the name Jugg a Jug?

Balz: Because it's a porno from the 70's, the sound is also similar a porno sounding music...

Oli: It's a psychedelic rock band (Human Instinct) that I like, I especially like the guitar player who reminds me of Jimmy Hendrix but from New Zealand. I took my inspiration from the band to make this edit.

BS: Why one year to release it?

Oli: Yeah it's just an awesome project but actually the truth is I was editing some parts already last year but I was not happy, it seemed like something was missing. Then in Fuerte I realised I was not totally convinced by the edit and so I studied a bit more about video editing and then I did the final version that we have now but I left it on my hard drive, finally I arrived here in Cape Town and these guys saw it and pressured me to put it online.

Balz: It's actually a Christmas present.