With the bank holiday weekend out the way and PWA Podersdorf finishing all eyes are on PWA Korea as the event finally lights up with wind. Having had four days with contestable conditions the worlds fastest windsurfers on the planet finally got to take to the water.

Fresh from his national slalom title win in Austria we caught up with Marco Lang to get a bit more from behind the scenes and to see what the competitors have been up to during their down time.

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A lot of stuff is going on here on the slalom tour 2015! A few guys have had sponsorship changes through the winter months. Pascal Toselli is looking pretty good on his new board sponsor Nove Nove. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel who also had a change of his own, from Loft to Point 7, seems to be very fast and is coming off the back of his Formula title.

Then there is the big comeback from Finan Maynard, he has worked pretty hard over the winter and has also moved to Nove Nove from RRD. To be honest everybody is looking forward to see who is going fast and by the end of the event I think we will have a pretty good idea.


For me I spent another winter on Tenerife to prepare everything for the upcoming season. I was there together with my team mate Matteo and I really found the best trim for my equipment to get the maximum performance. Finally I am close to 90 kgs, a target weight for me for quite some time. I guess I made a step forward, I just have to show it on the course...

This year so many guys are pretty fast, I think it could be a interesting year and for sure a super close fight at the top.


It's nice to be back here in Korea, everybody is really friendly and the local people have been really excited about us coming back to see some racing. It looks like we will be hitting the race course today after a couple of light wind days that only really allowed us to tune our gear and be ready for the upcoming forecast.

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Marco Lang and Matteo Iachino leading the 2nd final of the PWA Worldcup in Korea North Sails Windsurfing International Fanatic International. Well done boys!

Posted by Tom Malina on Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A quick update and it looks like competition started well for our featured rider. Check out the short video from Tom Malina.