Last week we brought you the awesome 2012 Windsurfing Calendar, a collaboration between former PWA Press Officer Andrew Buchannan and PWA Photographer John Carter.

This stunning glossy A3 glossy calendar will brighten up your wall for the year, and make sure you never get any work done while dreaming of warm water, strong winds and big waves.

As ever we wanted your feedback, and asked you to vote for your favorite shots.

The votes are in, results are counted and checked by an independent adjudicator (or not), and here are your favorites:

1. October - Scott Mc Kercher – Margaret River

2. November – Boujmaa Guilol – Ho’okipa Aerial

3. March – Boujmaa Guilol – Spreks Superman

4. September – Marcilio Browne – Ho’okipa Taka

5. August – Robby Swift – Ho’okipa Goiter

6. May – Levi Siver – Ho’okipa buckets

7. December – Robby Naish – Ho’okipa Bottom Turn

8. July – Jason Polakow – Ho’okipa Aerial

9. April – Camille Juban –Ho’okipa Aerial

10. June – Boujmaa and KP – Double back loop

11. January – Victor Fernandez - Lanes One hand Goiter

12. February – Ricardo Campello – Ho’okipa Aerial

We caught up with Scotty to tell him the news, and here's what he had to say:

"That's pretty cool. Stoked about that!

I can remember it clearly as it was obviously late in the day and I wanted to stay out for JC in the golden hour during the Staboard shoot. I knew the lighting was pretty golden and thought it must have looked nice, even though it was pretty small for margs standards. Obviously JC got the shot, as he always does. It's mainly about the color I think that people must have liked it. Kinda a mixture of fire or the color of beer!"



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