It seems double air moves are here to stay as we see a crazy rapid progression at the start of this week. We had the double goiter from Ricardo Campello and the double air shaka from Yentel Caers, today we have a move we already spotted SVB landing in Carro, directly after the last EFPT event in France. We caught up with him for a few words about the shifty 720.

IMG_5256 1

Over to Van Broeckhoven...

"I think I knew the move name before I landed it, there is some confusion because of Balz Muller's early shifty 720, which is actually really a double shifty, so this one I think I call it the shifty 720.

I first realised the move was possible when I was in Dahab back in June and in Sylt I already had my first close attempts, although thinking back in Cape Town I already had some over-rotated shifty 720 crashes, but this was more by accident and maybe more like a double shifty over-rotation.

I know that can be dangerous over-rotating over the gear because when you push too hard you can't stop the rotation and this lead to some heavy crashes, but now I feel much more in control. Although I am still a bit more careful after a year with injury, I don't really want to have this again to be honest."

Check out the full sequence below, special thanks to the Caers family for the shots and for Adrien Bosson, who we can all see got a front row seat.