From the Wonderful World of Windsurfing this week we take a look back at PWA Alacati and answer a question many may be too afraid to ask. At what point can I try and enter the PWA World Tour?

Well thanks to Estelle Barre, we get a full behind the scenes look at what it is like to enter a competition for the first time. Mingling with the pros and competing in perfect conditions, it can't be too bad a life.

"For this video I was in Alacati, Turkey to compete in my first PWA World Cup.

It was an amazing event and I share with you this behind the scenes video.

Follow me on Twitter @ESTELLEFRA675 and on my blog -" - Barre

Ok, this is not strictly windsurfing but this guy did a huge favour for those tow-in freestylers at the National Watersports Festival in the UK a couple of weeks ago. Towing them into moves during the competition he never mentioned that he had this going on behind the scenes. Humble by nature but big in actions, Andrew Cotton is crowd funding his next big wave mission. The kind of mission that will see him enter the Billabong XXL Awards.

A never ending quest to ride the biggest waves, he will search them out during the following year and you can even join him on one of his excursions. To find out more watch the video below and be sure to click on the link to pledge your support.

Pledge your support here

Back on track and this clip from the popular spot of Porto Pollo shows some fun behind the scenes action from Luca Pirina - ITA 158.

Waves ON. This is what the Indian Ocean has to offer thanks to Paolo Bionda and Mauritius.

Triple backflip on a motocross bike, and what the hell was that other move before it... Pastrana throwing it down!

Back on track, Yarden Meir and the crew going big on their last day in Fuerteventura. Check Mattia Fabrizia going for the air funnel with the sail and board detached.

Join us next week for some more epic action from the web.