A bit of a random post from us but we were feeling a little sentimental. For those that don't know we used to run Boardseeker with a daily round-up of what's happening in the world of windsurfing, including the odd snippet of something a little 'different'. So here are 5 interesting posts on the next few pages that we spotted over the last few days.

First up, is it too early to publicly be posting about 2016 gear? Yes that's 2016, with a 6 at the end. Well Amado Vrieswijk doesn't think so as he threw a photo online of him testing the prototypes for the new Starboard freestyle board. However, it doesn't exactly reveal much, unless you try your absolute hardest to zoom in on the detailed info underneath the board, good luck with that.


Next up, Jaanus Ree. A photographer for Red Bull, Jaanus has an exceptional eye and has captured some incredible images over the years. With a strong passion to capture windsurfing, he created this photo museum featuring some of the greats, including Steven Van Broeckhoven. Also look closely, he certainly knows how to bring the beach to the city.


Talking of bringing the beach to the city, Davy Scheffers shared his excitement for the PWA Indoor Windsurfing event which will see crowds of 40,000 people flock to watch windsurfing at the national stadium in Warsaw, Poland. If these estimates are anywhere near right then this will surely be an all time record for the number of spectators at a windsurfing event. That said, PWA Sylt can have a maddening crowd on occasion.


It's kind of hard to leave talk of the indoor windsurfing right now. So here are some raw stats for you, a video preview and a video invite from Poland's very own Maticek Rutkowski.

The pool will be 90m long and 33m wide, the wind will reach up to 70 km/h (almost 40 knots). With a pool so large it will require 3,000 cubic metres of water, that's 50 hours of constant pumping time, without any break, just to fill it. If those numbers are a little too much then how about this, the pool (when empty) could accommodate eighty trucks or twenty F16 fighters or three space shuttles, standing one next to another.

There will be 30 fans side by side standing almost 2.5m tall. All PWA disciplines will compete; slalom, jump and freestyle and the event will take place over three days.

Lastly, this event marks the middle of the 2014 PWA World Tour calendar. Stay tuned to boardseeker.com for more excitement.

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