The young freestyler Jamie Howard got in touch with us a week ago about his new movie from South Africa. Having trained hard, Jamie is preparing himself for the international competition scene and at the same time shows a promising level for the future of UK freestyle. Scroll through the pages to hear a few words from Jamie and then check out his video on the last page.


BS: You spent quite a lot of time in Cape Town this year, what do you like most about it?

Jamie: It was such an epic place! I love how much variety you get when it comes to the conditions. From super flat water for freestyle to down the line wave sailing and jumping! Even if there is no wind at the usual spots, you can often take an hour or two drive to find somewhere thats going off!


BS: You are both freestyling and wave sailing can you tell us what your exact gear set-up is for this?

Jamie: For freestyle my kit set-up is a JP Freestyle 92 and Neilpryde Wizards. I love the new board shape this year, slightly wider and shorter than before has made it really comfortable and easy, particularly switch stance. I also have a JP Radical wave 75 and a couple of Neilpryde Combats for the waves. I have been using the JP 18cm freestyle fin that comes with the board and that seems to be working pretty well. I like to use a slightly bigger fin than some people because I think I can go faster with it and it gives me more power. I use 32 inch NP harness lines and the Dakine T7 harness. I’ve always been a fan of the sliding bar!


BS: Tell us more about your time in Cape Town, what were your favourite spots?

Jamie: It's hard to know what my favourite spots were! Some of my best sessions were at Melkboss Strand. I loved sailing there as it is sick for jumping on the way out and can also have some good flat spots on the way in for freestyle! It was usually the best spot if the swell was a bit smaller. I had a lot of sick freestyle sessions on the lake (Rietvlei) which is good for training because its quite choppy and gusty but my favourite flat water spot was Brandvlei Dam! It works well if the wind is north westerly (when its no good at the normal spots). It's an amazing place to sail because you are surrounded by mountains! The water is also much warmer! The best wave session I had was a day at Paternosters (about 2 hours drive north up the coast). There was a good swell forecast and it ended up being sick, cross off, mast high riding!


BS: Lastly what are your plans for the coming year?

Jamie: This year I am trying to get a wild card entry for PWA. I think it would be sick to go to at least one event to get a ranking! Also I’m going to be working at Club Vass for the summer which I’m pretty excited about. It will be epic to be working somewhere that is so good for windsurfing. Then next winter I really hope to go back to Brazil and Cape Town!

Check out Jamie's video on the next page.