DVD Review: Addicted to Ride 3

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Photos by Darrell Wong.

What is it?

An action DVD from Fanatic showcasing the 2008 Fanatic Team on the 2008 boards. It includes an intro from Maui, El Yaque freestyle, more Maui waves filmed during the Fanatic '08 photoshoot as well as some freeride cruising, Norway, Chilli, Cape Verde, Gunicho, Cape Town and Pozo. Not too mention Victor getting his prototype board from Sebastian Wenzel and of course the Fanatic .v. Mistral football match held on a public park in Paia, Maui.


About an hour.

Who edited it?

Carl Nyberg

What we liked about it

Our panel of critics were a foursome of windsurfing instructors who stated that ‘the action was decent’! When asked to be more specific they said the opening Maui section was awesome, the freestyle in El Yaque was nuts and the Cape Verde footage blew them away. For a promo DVD, it’s decent!

What we didn’t like

The critics didn’t enjoy the football match stating it went on too long. The Norway footage also got a thumbs down because the quality was poor (the filming not the action).

Chick action v Bloke action

With the international Fanatic Team only having one decent lady rider; Nayra Alonso, it’s mainly bloke action.

Best bit

Ok, back to the panel of critics. Victor was on fire (literally) throughout the DVD so anything with him in it was pretty hot! But then there was Gollito’s one-handed burner with the hand change halfway through the move. That impressed them.

Bonus section

You can download the 07/08 brochure plus lots of photographs by inserting this DVD into your computer.

What is missing?

According to our panel, this DVD hits alls the rights spots! However, they did moan that it was mainly Fanatic riders until it was pointed out that this is a Fanatic DVD. Doh!


All good except for the Chilli & Cape Verde section which made our panel hit mute to enjoy the action with no distractions.

Cost: FREE when you purchase a 07/08 Fanatic board or when you win one of the 100 in our GIVEAWAY.

Allow 21 days for delivery - UK only.