Perfect Prasonisi

Bubble: I was helping out on the JP/NeilPryde Young Guns camp in Prasonisi, Rhodes but managed to get some time out for myself. I was filmed by a couple called Anja and Martin from Sofa Movie Lab. They had two cameras with them and filmed from two different angles the whole time we were there. One angle from the water or the beach and the other angle from up high on the mountain.

I was learning all the double jumping moves. There is a double flaka that’s pretty sick! My favourite move? I like the big shaka filmed from the water, it’s nice and high for flat water and it looks awesome with the beach in the background with all the people on it.

I am now in Sylt for the last PWA contest of the season then my plans for the winter are to go wave sailing! I figured it’s about high time I had a go, so I’m off to Brazil for some starboard tack jumping and freestyle. After that I’m gonna go to Western Oz for some wave punishment!

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