Guest reviewer Laure Treboux talks Swiss hip hop.

As a special treat this month the Swiss freestyle sensation Laure Treboux talks about two of her favourite albums.






This is an album I listen to a lot. He is a Swiss rapper and has awesome beats and lyrics that really cheer me up. The lyrics are clever and also really funny. I reckon the best songs on it are “Des Fois” and “Accroche-toi”. I play it quite often before going out on the water or just when I feel happy and motivated. Other people should listen to it just to enjoy some Swiss hip hop.

Artists name:

Live on the Battlefield


Anthony B

This is a reggae/ragga album with a really happy feel to it that I can listen to any time of the day. I love this type of music; it cheers me up and makes me want to dance. This album is good all round; for driving, singing along or just having a cold beer on the beach. The song “Good Life” is one of my favourites, it is about black and white living in peace, I don’t really understand all of it, but it is a really good track. “Fire Dance” is another really lively tune; it has really good melody and rhythm. I really recommend this album to anyone wanting to get into reggae.

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