We decided to start this new series with Taty Frans, one of the most famous and dedicated freestyle and slalom sailors.

Over to Taty...

BS: What does windsurfing mean to you?

TF: Windsurfing is the best sport that ever happened to me, hear me out. Windsurfing can teach you life lessons you won't learn anywhere else. Let me share a few with you.

Sometimes I'm surprised I wasn't born in the sea, hahaha.


BS: What do you do to keep your passion alive?


Most of the people you hang out with are the sort that will always be routing for you or you for them, routing for you to stick that amazing move or celebrating results together, we are the kind of people that always congratulate each other. Be open, be positive, support the generation and share your passion, that is what keeps my PASSION ALIVE!

BS: How do you feel when you are in the water, just you and you gear?

TF: I feel in peace with myself and everything that is around me

Yes, it was fun to play around at the beach, but to be in the ocean? To feel the rhythm of the waves underneath my board and the wind in the sail. Windsurfing around with dolphins, turtle, rays, good friends (and luckily for me, no mayor injuries). You can't beat it.