Street Surfing

So what is it exactly? It’s a two wheeler skateboard, but with one wheel at the front and back. Sort of an inline skate board. But the middle bit is twisty so sort of like one of those snake boards. But it’s got castors on the bottom so it goes sideways in a kinda snowboard slippy way a bit like one of those turf dogs..

It is actually good fun, not something you are going to get addicted to. The best thing is that you don’t have to skate it, just sort of wiggle to get speed up and then doing longer sweeping movements like you would do on a nice easy run with loads of snow on a snowboard. You do erm, look a bit silly for want of a better word whilst learning, and even when going quite well you still look a bit of a wierdo, it’s not quite as cool as surfing but fun for a bit whilst there is no wind. Is it street surfing? well if I surf like that I am giving up.

For more information then go to there is some dodgy commentary to some good people doing a load of tricks and making it look very easy.