Clifton, Cape Town

Name: La Med Where: Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa Main beers: Castle Average cost of a beer: 11 rand a beer (£0.80) Specialist/House drink: Black Sambuca; perfect if you like the taste of aniseed! Food: Serves very nice burgers, salads and pizzas for those drunken munchies.

What is it? An open air bar/nightclub where the beautiful people of Cape Town congregate to watch the sunset whilst sipping a Tazmanian Devil. The girls are gorgeous, the boys even more so, and the whole place has an air of sophisication about it until the windsurfers turn up around 11pm! As the night wears on people move underneath the canopies and onto the dance floors where the beautiful locals lose all inhibition and end up dancing to Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith with a euro windsurfer or even a member of the English cricket team who frequent the establishment when in town.

Why famous?

It’s not like the visiting windsurfers go here every night, it’s a good 45mins drive for starters from Blouberg and Table View area. It’s also a bit pricey and you need a clean shirt. But for that one special night, following an epic day at Cape Point or Sunset Beach, it has become the place to go for the hoards of visiting windsurfers.

Pro Spotting

Well other than the English & South African cricket team, you will see an ecliptic mix of European windsurfers from the French Moussilmani brothers, to the Pozo boys to Germany’s Klaas Voget and of course the sunburnt Brits.

Go there if

……you want to experience a sophisicated way to get drunk.

Don’t go there if

………it’s June, July or August. The sunset will be lovely but then it will be blooming freezing and no amount of jiving will keep you warm.