Famous Windsurfing Taverns: Spillanes Bar

Name: Spillanes Bar Where: Brandon Bay, Ireland Owned by: Mike & Marilyn Spillane Opened since: 1870 ish Main beers: Guinness Average cost of a beer: 3.50 euros Specialist/House drink: Guinness Why famous? Spillanes is as famous as the sailing in Brandon Bay. It is the only place to celebrate an awesome wave session and it also serves the finest steak anywhere in Ireland. It is run by the Spillanes family including daughter Rose Spillane who is quite a handy windsurfer herself. The pub hosts the official opening party of PWA & UKWA events and the walls are covered in windsurfing memorabilia.

Pro spotting: The likes of Francisco Goya, Daida Moreno and Josh Angulo have been seen serving pints of Guinness (badly) from behind the bar. Every spring, the best of British arrive to compete in the famous waves at the annual UKWA event. Guy Cribb used to live down the road…

What to expect on a Spillanes night: Start the night off with some deep conversation with Owen the bar man, warm up with a few pints of Guinness before hitting the Irish whiskey and the impromptu dance floor next to the dessert counter. Attempt to try and work out how to get the ice cream out of the Mr.Whippy machine (it has been done) before being thrown out in the early hours to wander aimlessly back in the dark to your rented accommodation or van and then wake up in the morning with a very sore head.

Spillanes motto: Best windsurfing in Ireland, best steaks in Ireland, best pints of Guinness in Ireland! (enough said)

Go to www.spillanesbar.com. They also rent accommodation within staggering distance of the bar.