Famous Windsurfing Taverns: The American Bar - Sylt , Germany

Name: American Bar

Where: Westerland, Sylt, Germany.

Main beers: Holsten draft beer served in large wine glasses!

Average cost of a beer: 4 euros

Specialist/House drink: Lots of cocktails but all very expensive. Best to tipple up on vodka & coke before you go out. What is it? The evening hangout for the Pros during the PWA Sylt contest. It's a bistro by day and a small, clubby sweat fest after 10pm. It’s one of the only bars in town with a dance floor that plays good music & attracts a young crowd. It will stay open until seven in the morning if needs must.

Pro spotting: During the third week in September the PWA Tour descends on Sylt. Every professional windsurfer under the age of thirty tends to go here in the evenings to drown their sorrows or celebrate a stunning victory. At any other time of the year it's just the gorgeous Frauleins.

Go there if: You want to get very sweaty, gyrating with some Brazilian male or Spanish female hotshot windsurfer or just want to do some serious drinking with the British sailors.

Don't go there if: You've already had plenty to drink at the event marquees on the beach. Best to call it quits at 10pm to save yourself for another day of killer, onshore shorebreak and cold north-westerly winds!