A press release sent our way from the organisers of the New Zealand Wave Championships where Chris La Franchie was crowned as the new champion.


The wave windsurfing event attracted sailors from France, Belgium, New Zealand, UK, New Caledonia, Auckland, Germany and Spain.

The first competitive day saw light offshore winds and head-high waves. Ferran Crespo, Alexander Strehz and James Dinnis were delivering good wave sailing performances.

Strong winds, tricky waves and rain welcomed all windsurfers on the second day of competition. Tough times, with two waves and two jumps being counted.

Occasionally, a rare moment of planing combined with a ramp of some sort enabled a forward loop to increase chances of making it through to the final rounds.

In the last day, Chris La Franchie, James Dinnis, Ferran Crespo and Craig Williams had to decide the title in low wind conditions. La Franchie got some nicely picked waves high up in the break, closely followed by Ferran Crespo, in second, and James Dinnis taking out third.


1st: Chris La Franchie

2nd: Ferran Crespo

3rd: James Dinnis

4th: Craig Williams

5th = Olivier Perkins, Julien Le Feuvre, Paul Barron, Alexander Strehz


1st: Hamish Dunning-Beck

2nd: Luke Holliday