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Quad TE

Under the lip. Down the line. If you’re a wave-riding purist, the Quad is your Waveboard. Designed to operate at maximum performance close to the curl, the Quad has been tuned up even more. A new scoop rocker line with a reduced concave / double concave bottom shape, plus the wider center with a flatter deck, offers simple stability combined with the snappiest of turns. An early planing, easy-to-use board – designed for radical wave action.

Ride the Quad, and rip the wave to pieces.

k e y f e a t u r e s

—— Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stands

—— Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximum grip, and projection

—— New scoop rocker line with a lower entry and slightly more tail rocker for surfing action and speed

—— Short and compact outlines for tight radius turns

—— Rounded square tails for additional projection and snappier turns

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Triwave TE

Meet the brand new TriWave. Completely redesigned for 2014, each of the six sizes features a tuned-up shape that begins with an overall wider and more compact outline. Super-easy and user-friendly. This is the board for all-around wave conditions. Ride your TriWave as a thruster and enjoy the full performance of a radical Waveboard, or turn it into a single fin, to give you maximum planing power and drive down the line.

TriWaves fill the gap perfectly between FreeWaves and Quads.

k e y f e a t u r e s

—— V-bottom shape with light, tuned double concave for smooth flow, helping accelerate out of turns

—— Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stance

—— Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximising grip and projection

—— SlotBox sidefins with US centre box offer maximum tuning abilities

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Freewave TXTR/TE/CWS

The original FreeWave was built with one thought in mind: to offer ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create – for every sailor. As we approached 2014 we were tasked with a new challenge: how to make the best even better? Fanatic proudly introduces a completely new design for the 2014 FreeWave range in the sizes 76, 86, 96, 106, 116. FreeWave TE or TeXtreme is available as Thruster or a Single fin.

Choose between the lightest technology available or the best value-for-your-money construction.

k e y f e a t u r e s

—— Fish tail and rounded nose, slightly shorter and more compact

—— New CAD designed scoop rocker line

—— Slight V and double concave bottom shape

—— Fuller, smoother rail in the nose area, with higher apex and more tucked-under edge

—— Flatter mid deck section for better stance and volume efficiency

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Skate TE/Skate

Explosive tricks. Double and triple rotations. Pop, sizzle, and style. Whether it’s in a magazine test or on the PWA World Tour, the Skate Team Edition (TE) line has a history of winning. Year after year, the Fanatic Skate and Gollito Estredo – 5-times Freestyle World Champion – have proven the dominance of this winning combo. To guarantee Gollito’s quiver is never lacking, we’ve built 4 brand new shapes, including two models on the small side of the range. Innegra Carbon remains as a lighter, stiffer and more UV resistant laminate in the TE model’s 85, 93, 101, and 111-liter sizes.

For Freestyle newbies, those practicing classic and carving moves and even small wave use we’ve kept the test-winning 100 and 110 models which are slightly longer and forgiving for freestyle fun at any level.

k e y f e a t u r e s

—— Shorter outlines offer the reverse length concept – bigger boards are shorter than smaller models

—— New tail deck design with integrated arch support in the tail pad for a better grip and more comfort

—— Thinner rails between stance for better carving freestyle manoeuvres

—— Full and soft rails in the nose for easy entry into sliding manoeuvres

—— Power V bottom shape for perfect sliding

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