The grapevine is going crazy with speculation over the potential new team signings for 2014, so here at Boardseeker we decided to put our thinking caps on and dig up as much information as we could from all of our sources. As well as putting all of the confirmed new signing information together in one, easy to find, place.

Flick through for all the confirmed changes, and scroll down for more and more from the windsurfing grapevine.

Sanchez to k4

Interview with Kurosh Kiani.

Kurosh Kiani signs to Point7 and Angulo boards.

Interview with Ricardo Campello.

Ricardo Campello joins Point7.

Ricardo Campello joins Patrik Boards.

Karin Jaggi Interviewed about Campello joining Patrik boards.

Daida and Iballa Moreno sign to Maui Ultra Fins.

Avanti welcomes new blood.

Peter Volwater leaves Fanatic and Avanti, and joins Starboard and KA sails.

Ben van der Steen joins Tabou boards.

Dany Bruch joins Challenger Sails.

Delphine Cousin signs to Loft Sails... and Starboard?

Adam Lewis signs to Fanatic and NorthSails.

Max Matissek and Adrien Bosson upgrade to Fanatic International,whilst Peter Volwater and Kurosh Kiani leave.

Pieter Bijl leaves NeilPryde.

Robby Swift stays with JP and NeilPryde - read his view on the latest team changes.

Moritz Mauch leaves NorthSails, but stays with Starboard.

Philip Koester leaves NeilPryde, and signs to Severne Sails.

Ricardo Campello leaves JP and NeilPryde.

Leon Jamaer joins JP and NeilPryde.

Enrico Marotti joins NeilPryde.

Youp Schmit no longer with NeilPrdye, but stays with JP Australia.

Ingrid Larouche joins NorthSails.

Markus Rydberg joins Simmer Style.

Philip Koester, will leave NeilPrdye in 2014, but where will he go?

7/01/2014 - AM

Rumour of the day today is that Ricardo Campello will now be signing to Patrik boards! ABC Windsurf have posted photos of the former freestyle champion on their website here, where he is holding a Patrik board and claim that this proves his new sponsorship.

Following a shock departure from JP and NeilPryde last year, Ricardo has been searching for new sponsors to take him onto the 2014 tour - could he have found one such company?

Boardseeker are currently confirming/denying the rumours with a sources and will of course have more info for you soon!

Ricardo Campello

Another rumour is now circulating regarding the movements of NeilPryde designer, Pieter Bijl. Various sources have revealed that the sail designer and slalom rider who has been with NP for almost 20 years, is now stepping aside to concentrate on his role within Angulo boards.

We will have more from Bijl himself, and other riders taking advantage of the transfer window, very soon.


4/12/2013 - AM

After such big news from JP and NeilPryde, we are wondering who will be next in announcing their 2014 team changes.

With the departure of Leon Jamaer, will Fanatic now focus on their group of up and coming riders (as well of course as Fernandez and Voget) pushing them to the next level, or will they be looking around for some new talent? We have word that things could be staying fairly similar for Fanatic in 2014, but we are eagerly awaiting official word which will come in a few short days.


3/12/2013 - PM

As we investigate further it seems that it is more and more likely that Dany Bruch will not be with Severne in 2014. Although we are yet to receive word from Bruch himself, many sources close to the rider have lead us to believe he will not be on Severne in the coming year.

Another thing that has come to our attention is the fact that one of the 'big 3' companies is looking to add some more up and coming, younger talent to its books. We can't yet say who and where they are heading, but there certainly seems a focus on supporting the most promising talent and those riders that have really upped their game in 2013.

And we also have to think about the fate of Kauli Seadi; in 2013 Kauli stepped away from the tour and moved to Hot Sails Maui to enjoy a year sailing his favourite breaks. But it wasn't long until Kauli was back and shredding at the final event in Ho'okipa. With more variety promised on the 2014 tour and Kauli looking to compete for the whole year, will he stay with HSM? Or look to boost his potential results with a move back to a bigger brand?


3/12/2013 - AM

First of all we know that Philip Koester and Ricardo Campello are no longer part of the NeilPryde team.

This has freed up some budget, and meant that NP can take on the likes of Leon Jamaer and continue to support the growing talents of riders such as Antoine Martin.

But, where will Koester and Campello go?

It is rumoured that Campello could be looking at a deal with RRD... it would certainly make a lot of sense for RRD to look at the jumping star, but can they afford him? Another train of thought it that Campello could be looking at a team such as Goya/Quatro - with a great base of talented riders, we are sure Goya/Quatro would massively benefit from really pushing it with a great jumper too - but is it the direction they would want to go, as they have always based themselves around amazing riding talent?

We have spoken with Ricardo and it looks like we will have more details from him in just a couple of days.

With Koester also now away from NP, the logical step is for him to head over to Severne. But what implications could this have for the rest of the Severne team? Severne already have a big team, with a lot of high profile riders. From the Moreno twins, to Dunkerbeck, to Dany Bruch and Scott McKercher. If Severne want to sign Koester, would they able to afford to keep on all of these top names too? With McKercher and the twins being so involved within the R&D of the Severne products, could it be Bruch that steps aside? And surely, with his pedigree Dunkerbeck cannot be the most affordable of riders to keep on a team. Will Severne have to sacrifice the the former king of windsurfing to support a new rider?

And will the likes of freestyle Dieter van Eyken also suffer with the budget cuts? Will they be able to keep him on as well as the other top riders? And there is one more nugget of information coming through the grapevine, Moritz Mauch (currently with Starboard/NorthSails) could be looking at stepping across to Severne too, so it seems Severne could be looking at some major, major changes in 2014.

As of now all of these rumours stated are just that: rumours. We have spoken with various sources, but as yet cannot confirm any of these as it has not been officially stated from any brands.

Flick through all the pages below for the confirmed 2014 transfers...

[part title="Philip Koester leaves NeilPryde."]

Philip Koester leaves NeilPryde.

Where will he go? The rumour is to Severne, but this is yet to be confirmed. NP tried to get Koester on a joint deal with JP Australia, but he has stayed loyal to Starboard.

It had been confirmed by Philip that he would ride for Severne for a while now, but nothing official had been released from the brand. Now on the Severne facebook you can check out the photo below of Philip ripping on his new equipment, as well as words from Severne HQ.

Philip Koester, image credit Severne.

"We’re stoked Philip Köster is signing up for the SEVERNE team for 014 and welcome Moritz as the second edition to our wave team. Philip has redefined modern windsurfing and we’re really looking forward to what he’s going to be able to do with lighter, better gear. The future is looking red hot!"

[part title="Ricardo Campello leaves JP and NeilPryde. "]

Ricardo Campello leaves JP and NeilPryde.

The former freestyle champion has left both companies, after many many years and without a further deal in place. Where will the king of jumping end up? And why did he leave? More details coming soon.

Ricardo Campello

[part title="Leon Jamaer joins JP and NeilPryde. "]

Leon Jamaer joins JP and NeilPryde.

The young German really up his game this year, breaking into the top 10 on the PWA and showing what he's made of on the Red Bull Storm Chase. He has been rewarded with a new deal on the JP NP international team.

Leon on joining the JP and NP team:

"I have been with Fanatic for 5 years and with Hot Sails Maui for 7 years. I had a great time and am thankful for the support during all these years. The last three years I was still in University and couldn't sail as much as I would have wanted. Now, having finished that and with the support of NeilPryde and JP I can focus to 100 percent on windsurfing, which I am super stoked about.

"Aside from climbing up the Top10 ladder and performing in the Storm Chase final I have lots of ideas and plans for 2014 which I want to realise. I am also happy to be part of the Chiemsee team from now on!

"I will be riding the Combat plus SingleThruster in Euro events and the TwinserQuad in sideshore conditions."

Leon Jamaer

[part title="Enrico Marotti joins NeilPryde."]

Enrico Marotti joins NeilPryde.

Enrico Marotti, the 22 year old Croatian slalom racer has also become part of the NeilPryde team. Starting out on the PWA tour in 2012, Marotti is certainly one to watch for the future with some great results over the past year.

Enrico Marotti

[part title="Youp Schmit absent from NeilPryde. "]

Youp Schmit absent from NeilPryde.

The top freestyler Youp Schmit is no longer with NeilPryde, however does stay with JP Australia.

As for JP, we are both stoked to be rocking next year even harder then ever! With my 90l board I feel more confident now then ever.

Youp Schmit

[part title="Ingrid Larouche joins North Sails."]

Ingrid Larouche joins NorthSails.

The women's AWT champion joins NorthSails and aims to compete on the PWA tour in 2014, could this see an upset in the women's fleet?

Ingrid Larouche, with her new NorthSails

[part title="Markus Rydberg joins Simmer Style."]

Markus Rydberg joins Simmer Style.

The young Swedish rider will join Simmer Style, using the Quantum boards and Blacktip sails. Markus looks set to rise in the ranks and is part of a new generation of promising wavesailors.

Markus Rydberg

[part title="Moritz Mauch leaves NorthSails and joins Severne"]

Moritz Mauch joins Severne Sails, more details from Moritz himself:

Moritz Mauch

"Probably some of you have heard it already: 2014 will begin with new sails for me. From now on I will be sailing with SEVERNE sails and I am looking forward to a successful cooperation. Thanks a lot to NORTH SAILS for the support of the last 6 years, they were really great - And special thanks to Kai Hopf for supporting me from the beginning and Florian Brunner for always helping and believing in me!!!

I really appreciated it."

[part title="Robby Swift"]

Robby Swift speaks out about the latest sponsorship changes...

Robby Swift Ricardo Campello

"Obviously, my personal feelings are that I am very happy to still be included on the team. I am very sad that Ricardo and I will not be team mates any more after 12 years of doing everything together, and of course not to have Philip on the team is also very sad since we have become good friends over the past couple of years and his windsurfing talent speaks for itself.

"It has been a tough few years for the windsurfing industry in general with the recession etc. and teams seem to be shrinking all the time. I personally feel that competitive windsurfing has never looked better or been presented better than it is now with the tour being as strong as it is and the live streaming getting more and more views every event.

"I hope that brands outside the windsurfing industry will start to see the amazing value in our spectacular sport and get involved with it in a bigger way so that all the talented windsurfers from around the globe can carry on living all of our dreams and pushing the sport to new heights."

[part title="Pieter Bijl leaves NeilPryde"]

Former NeilPryde R&D guru confirms he will leave the brand, and speaks out about his decision:

"I don't think about it as leaving NeilPryde "too".

"I have been working on a freelance base for NeilPryde from last May as I needed to focus most of my time on setting up Angulo Boards in Europe. I was supposed to resume my regular testing duties in the beginning of October, however as time was getting closer I realized that resigning would be the best thing for me to do.

Pieter Bijl

"It has been a long process for me to make this decision; however, the more I thought about it "It was time for me to move on". I have been riding NeilPryde for over 17 years. I have worked there for more then 10 years and have been in charge of the R&D there for more then 8 years, NeilPryde has won many world titles in the time I worked there and I really enjoyed working for the NeilPryde Design Center and with the NeilPryde Team for a long time. I have learned a lot at NeilPryde that will be valuable for the rest of my life. Not only in windsurfing, but far beyond.

"For the moment I will focus my energy on Angulo Boards and Vector Fins. For sails for next year, we will see. I'm open to anything at this point. I'm motivated to race, without the NeilPryde workload I have more time for other projects, can spent more time on the water for myself and actually get to do some fitness training

"Let see what happens for next year, I believe it will all work out. Your guess is as good as mine."

[part title="Adam Lewis"]

Adam Lewis talks about his signing to Fanatic and NorthSails:

Adam Lewis

"2014 is bringing some big changes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrik for their wonderful support over the last two successful seasons, the boards totally rip. I would also like to thank Point-7 for pushing and believing in me right from the start. I learnt so much with them. Both brands are a big part of why I’m where I am today.

"Looking forward into 2014 I have to say its such a massive dream come true to be on the North sails and Fanatic teams. I've already had a few sessions on the new gear and I love it! It amazing to be join both incredible teams! I'm really excited for the coming season BRING IT ON!!!"

Adam Lewis

"Adam Lewis from the UK will be shredding the waves with our Quad & TriWave from now on!

Nik Baker, Fanatic ambassador and UK agent about Adam:

“I am super happy to have Adam in our International team and especially we at K66 are really stoked to finally have Adam join the team and family with Fanatic and NorthSails. He is already a loyal ION team rider and with his dedication to becoming the top UK and world wave sailor we are happy to be able to support him in every way for him to achieve his goals. Also this means we have a full on top pro UK wave guy at the British wave tour events for 2014 which is awesome news for us. We look forwards in watching his progress!"

And more from Fanatic on the rest of their international wave team below, or Click here for full press release: Team Fanatic Windsurfing 2014.

"Since Leon Jamaer left our Wave Team, we decided to concentrate more on our young German/Spanish talent Alessio Stillrich, as well as Arthur Arutkin from France and the French/German youngster Noah Voecker-Roche from Lanzarote. They will be the next generation after our wave legends Victor and Klaas.

Alessio showed some great potential doing the Tour for the first time now after finishing school and also Noah had his very first youth contests in Pozo and Tenerife, where he did really well. Unfortunately Arthur had to fight with a lot of injuries this season, but we are sure he will be back next year. Not to forget about our girls Alice Arutkin from France who just was crowned as French Wave Champ as well as Nayra Alonso from Spain who came back this season after having a baby last year.

Adam Lewis will now be a great addition to all of them! We also would like to wish Leon all the best and thank him for the great relationship in the past 5 years."

[part title="Adrien Bosson and Max Matissek "]

Adrien Bosson and Max Matissek get upgraded to the international team, more from Fanatic:

Adrien Bosson by Alexis Fernet

Adrien Bosson from Team France and Max Matissek from Team Austria will be promoted to our International Freestyle Team. Adrien finished 12th in the PWA Freestyle Ranking 2014 and we are pretty sure that we will see him in the Top 10 next year. Also, Max had a pretty good year and will more concentrate on International events and PR in the future. Adrien and Max are also both influential in the French and Austrian markets.

The rest of the Freestyle Team with 5 times World Champion Gollito Estredo, Max Rowe from the UK, Adrian Beholz from Germany and last but not least our girls Yoli de Brendt. Laure Treboux and young Maxime van Gent.

Max Matissek by Manu Grafenauer

Max Matissek: "I am stoked to the max to get the support of the leading brand in windsurfing boards and to be part of this amazing International Team from now on! It really pushes me to put more sweat, blood and tears to into my future projects!"

Adrien Bosson: “I'm really happy to move into the International team. I have been sailing on Fanatic and North sails since I started with Freestyle, when I was 13 years old. After a great year on the World Tour, where I finished 12th, I'm really motivated to be in the Top 10 next year. This extra support will help me a lot and I really appreciate it!"

New entry Matteo Iachino will be leading our Slalom Team together with Pierre Mortefon from France, Marco Lang from Team Austria and Tom Malina from Team Czech Republic. Leaving the team will be Peter Volwater and Kurosh Kiani, we wish them all the best for their future and thank them for their contribution to Fanatic over the last seasons.

[part title="Delphine Cousin"]


The former JP rider, is also spotted with a new Starboard - so we're sure this means a new board sponsor for Delphine too! More info from Loft Sails:

Delphine Cousin

"The Loft is delighted to welcome the current 2013 PWA and French Slalom Champion Delphine Cousin to our International Racing Team. Delphine, just 22 years old, made her first PWA appearance in 2009 and has ever since climbed through the rankings, winning in 2012 the French overall Championship as well as the PWA Youth Slalom title, in anticipation of her brilliant 2013 season.

Raised within a family of windsurfers and along with her partner, Antoine Questel she has the will and skills to fight for the World crown for many seasons to come, and will complete one of the most competitive Women Racing Teams on the Tour.

LS: So, Delphine, welcome to The Loft, how do you feel?

DC: I feel super good! I am super excited for the next season!

LS: Tell us a bit more about your decision to join Loft Sails, Antoine has been riding Loft Sails for a while, then your brother Alexandre joined and had a great season, and now you…

DC: Since I know Antoine he had always sailed with Loft sails and he is very competitive. Last year my brother Alexandre joined the team and his performance has been really better than ever before. Loft Sails performance is already proven around the world, and I will have the advantage of training and work on the settings with Antoine and Alexandre, which is a huge advantage for me.

LS: Have you already had a go on the Racing Blade? What are your feelings?

DC: Yes, I have already tried the 7.0 and the feeling was really good! I have no doubt it will give me and advantage over my contenders help me reach my goals.

LS: Having already won the French and PWA Titles in 2013, what are your goals for the coming seasons? Any new disciplines you would like to compete in?

DC: For next year, my goals are exactly the same, PWA and French titles! The battle will be hard and I know that I will have work a lot if I want keep my titles next year. For the moment I prefer to stay concentrated in the slalom and keep others disciplines for pleasure.

LS: Loft Sails has already got a strong women Racing Team, obviously they will also be one of your strongest contenders …

DC: Yes, the Turkish girls Lena and Cagla will be contenders for the title, my plan is to train hard and continue to do my best not to have any regrets!

LS: When did you start competing and which route did you take to make it to the very top? Do you remember your first ever trophy?

DC: I started windsurfing at 11 years old and I have always done competitions. My first important trophy was a third place in the French Championship in the BIC 293 class, I will never forget it! I think I have been lucky to have my parents with me, they trained me a lot. Work is the key to success.

LS: What is your winter training plan and partners?

DC: I will go for three weeks to St Barth in January for the first competition of the year, the Saint Barth Fun Cup, where we have really good conditions for 8.6, 7.8, 7.0, and will also be training with my brother Alexandre, Antoine Questel and Pierre Mortefon. After that I should go to Tarifa with Marion Mortefon for some strong wind slalom sailing, it is a really good spot and Loft’s Headquarters are there, so it will be perfect for me.

LS: Thanks indeed, we are already excited about the new Racing season, good luck.

DC: Thank you a lot and I am ready for next excited season!"

[part title="Dany Bruch joins Challenger Sails"]

Top rider on the tour, Dany Bruch leaves Severne Sails and joins Challenger Sails.

Dany Bruch heads to Challenger Sails...

"After 8 years back on tour, I have finally accomplished another one of my goals I had set back in the be part of an amazing team to develop my signature sails and masts.

When I met Claudio Bad in Italy last week, I directly knew he was the man I was looking for. With his knowledge of building sails for over 35 years and my water experience, I am pretty sure we will develop some great gear!

My main goal right now is to carry on in the top of the PWA World Tour! In between the trainings I will be working hard to get the exact feeling I am looking for in the water to improve every day my sailing and make windsurfing sails as easy and smooth they can get for all of us out there! All we want in the end is to have fun in the Water!

I have tried a few sails so far, but I have to say that the ThreeG, 3 batten sail, is the most exciting one right now! I have been using it with full power winds at my home spot in el Cabezo and maaan!!! It gives me wings!! It's the most stable windsurf sail I have ever used and it has a lot a lot of power just when you request it, thanks to the special Dacron wrinkle next to the mast sleeve and the special "S" shape that Claudio brought into the windsurf industry. I am really excited!!! Can't wait to have the final product in my hands!!

During my days at the Challenger Loft, we already have build a special sail for the final of the Red Bull Storm Chase that will be happening soon for sure too...a special 3.5 m sail that will make the storm chasing a bit more comfortable. More about this one soon...;-)

This is a great Challenge for the future! Don't limit you're challenges-Challenge you're limits!!!


[part title="Ben van der Steen joins Tabou Boards"]

Slalom racer, Ben van der Steen follows up the announcement that he will leave Starboard and join Tabou boards in 2014 with further info on his decision:

Ben van der Steen, on his new Tabou boards

“I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Tabou team for 014"

After joining the Gaastra team last year it was almost a logical step to join the the Tabou team ,I had tried some of the boards in summer and I was very impressed how easy and fast they were and most off all they gybed amazing. These board in my eyes have been underestimated and I think they are some of the best around, don’t let the playful graphics fool you these Mantas are real racing machines.

For me this is a beginning of what will be a long term relationship working on both the Gaastra sails and the new Tabou boards. Working on the boards and Sails with Cedric Bordes ,Ross williams , Peter Munzlinger and Fabien Volenweider and the rest of the Tabou Gaastra team will be a pleasure and I am very motivated to get on the new Tabou boards and start the new season fresh.

I will be using the Tabou Manta 85 /71/61 as my PWA setup and for the wave boards I have gone for the pockets 80 and 92.

My plans for 014 are to do some more racing as the 4 events last year just was not enough. I will try to do some more local races here in Spain as well as the Dutch championship and maybe even some formula and speed if I can find the time.

I would like to thank Starboard for there support the last 3 years and I wish them all the best."

[part title="Peter Volwater"]

Peter Volwater leaves Fanatic and Avanti Sails, to join Starboard and KA Sails.

After many years with Fanatic, one of the most successful PWA sailors, Peter Volwater, has now joined Starboard and Avanti Sails.

More info from Peter:

First of all we would like to wish you a fantastic 2014!

Since January the 1st I have been using the combination Starboard and KA Sail for "Kicking Ass", Sonntag fins and Aeron booms and I am happy to announce they are my sponsors.

I will continue to pursue my ambition to win PWA races and also to defend the Dutch National title.

The new boards and sails attracted my interest by design, following test results and GPS data are looking promising.

In Lancelin at the LOC 2014 I already finished in 3rd place with a solid comeback, which report can be seen in my blog space at

The first major PWA racing event will be held end of March in Isla Margarita, I'm training and preparing for the PWA season here in Margaret River Western Australia at the moment.

Having fun in windsurfing comes on the 1st place and after all these years I still love to ride, as much as when I started.

Equipment plays an important role, so I simply feel the need to have the best equipment.

For years Starboard have been the boards to beat; so they say "if you can't beat them, join ‘em!"

Svein Rasmussen / Starboard International: "nice work, lets aim right towards the top, you know you belong there".

KA Sail is a great match, I'm super excited about the performance of the sails and I believe that they will be competitive with the top brands in the market like Neil Pryde and Severne. Off course, the outstanding speeds at Sandy point by Andrew Daff, Craig Spottiswood and Tony Wynhoven have not gone unnoticed.

Being much of a speed addict I see big potential in the KA Race and Koncept - Martin, Peter, Andrew and Jesper have done an amazing job with the design; the aspect ratio, luff curves, profiles and batten angles with engineered full carbon battens provide a frame work ready to rock.

"I've now been given a great opportunity to go for it and to show that I have what it takes to be at the top. KA is an Aussie sail brand and has been around for a very long time, with strong roots and a base in both Australia and the Netherlands, where I already spend a lot of my time. There is a nice and positive vibe within the team, so the perfect time to step on board and build on the momentum".

While the focus is on the long term, I'll do my best to help improve the sails even further and will work closely together with the international team. I appreciate the years of development work done by a team of passionate people and will take full advantage of the structure that is in place. I'm happy to join the KA worldwide team!

Of course I would also like to thank Fanatic, Pro Limit and Avanti for their contribution and support over the years which was a nice learning experience.



KA Sails, Peter Weitenberg:

Speaking for KA Sail, we would like to express that we are extremely happy to have a top rider like Peter Volwater showing an interest in our brand and honored to have him join our team now. For us it is a great sign of acknowledgement that Peter sees the same potential in our products as we do and always have, and we are convinced that with Peter on the team we can also take an important next step in the further development and expansion of KA Sail worldwide.

With Peter spending a lot of time on the water in both the Netherlands and Australia, he is the perfect guy for us, testing the equipment in various different circumstances which for us is most important to set the standard for our products and guarantee the best quality and performance.

We are looking forward to this coming season and we are pretty confident that Peter will have a really good year.

See ya all out there!

Peter Volwater

[part title="Avanti Sails welcome new blood"]

Avanti Sails share their 2014 team news as the say goodbye to Peter Volwater , and welcome new, young blood to the team.

Dear Avanti friends.

Our 2014 team line-up is changing.

A decision was made to focus our attention towards building a young team moving forward with a keen eye on the future so we have decided to amicably finish, by mutual consent, our cooperation with Peter Volwater.

We thank Peter for his hard work and dedication over the past two years and we wish him the best in the future with his new endeavours.

Our international team is proud to add freestylers Julien Mas from France and Youp Schmidt from Bonaire. Welcome fellas!

Check this brand new video made in Brazil from Julien on the Echo ME right HERE. Fantastic action!

Enjoy. from Bastien Rama on Vimeo.

A quote from Julien (F-7): "The Echo ME is the best freestyle sail I have ever used. Light, stable in the air and has big 'pop' potential. I am excited to join Avanti for the 2014 season and I expect to elevate my game on the PWA tour."

Young and exciting 18-year old prospect Youp (NED-27) brings pure talent, gifted abilities and energy to the brand. His move from Neil Pryde to Avanti was initiated to chase his boyhood dream - The PWA freestyle world title, and we believe in his ability to perform at the highest levels on the best rigs in the world.

Watch this space, there is more to come from these rippers!

Our national teams in France and the Netherlands have been strengthened with up and coming standouts Seb Bonhomme (FRA - Slalom) and Danny Kater (NED - Freestyle).

General manager and international slalom rider Finian Maynard had this to say:

"We feel that 2014 is the year that Avanti breaks through. Sail designer and fellow manager Dan Kaseler and I have worked so hard to finally bring the products we initially dreamed of to the marketplace. No stone has been left unturned and our product range of sails and masts is complete utilizing what we feel is the best material technology, build quality and the most advanced designs all into one package. The future is here and we are proud and excited to introduce our new members both nationally and internationally to the team."

Good Sailing,

Your Avanti Sails Team

[part title="Daida and Iballa Moreno sign to Maui Ultra Fins"]

The two most impressive female wavesailors in the world have joined the Maui Ultra Fins team for 2014. Here's the official announcement from Maui Ultra and words from the twins:

Daida and Iballa Moreno

Daida: “It’s an incredible smooth feeling I have in all my range of boards now, anything from quad to twin fins. I have more control, speed and soft feeling combining control for all my wave moves. I am always looking to increase my limits, and I am sure with Maui Ultra Fins I will be able to reach my goals for 2014 and push them higher."

Iballa: “Thanks to Maui Ultra Fins for the support. We have been testing the fins for a few months now and we feel a huge difference on the response of the board: more speed and more vertical on my moves. It matches my style perfectly!"

Rick Hanke, fin designer and founder of Maui Ultra Fins: “I'm really excited that Daida and Iballa, both absolutely professional and outstanding windsurfing athletes, were so convinced and happy with my fins. I expect that the superior fin characteristics and performance will improve their achievements in competitions even further. Their experience will also play a vital role in improving our fin designs also for SUP applications."

Additionally, Daida and Iballa are perfect new members for our successful and highly motivated international wave team, joining Philip Köster (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins), Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins) and Florian Jung (RRD / Gun Sails / Maui Ultra Fins).

[part title="Ricardo Campello joins Patrik Boards"]

We can finally officially confirm that Ricardo Campello has joined Patrik boards for 2014, and will continue to fight for the world title!

Ricardo Campello

Here's all the info from Patrik:

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 17.14.32
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 17.14.42
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 17.14.53
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 17.15.20

[part title="Interview with Karin Jaggi"]

Boardseeker have also caught up with Karin Jaggi, about Ricardo's move to Patrik.

Karin, what do you think Ricardo will bring to your team?

KJ: We hope some really good results and a more world wide known image but also motivation for our younger riders. Our team is not yet so big as we are still fairly new on the market and can't compare to the big brands. Having somebody as well known as Ricardo with us is like a dream come true. We have known him since he was a little kid and what we really like is his attitude of full power and daring, to take risks but still having so much fun windsurfing. He fits and represents us perfectly.

How do you hope to have him involved and what do you hope to develop over the coming years?

KJ: For sure he will be maximum involved in everything and Patrik will do his best to make the best boards he ever had so he can really concentrate on the competition and excel. Ricardo will also put our already well known super tough construction on an other test level – if the boards hold for Ricardo they mostly likely will be indestructible for any other sailor.

Are you looking to make changes to equipment for Ricardo specifically? Or will you continue to make it for the consumer?

KJ: We actually don't know yet as he needs to test our boards first. Ricardo is at home in El Yaque at the moment where the spot is rather flat water but he will soon fly back to Maui and test the first boards. In general we want to make him what ever he likes as we want him to achieve his goals and credit us back. We will keep you posted on this one.

[part title="Ricardo Campello joins Point7"]

Ricardo Campello joins Point7

Over the weekend Boardseeker confirmed that former freestyle world champion, Ricardo Campello, would join Patrik Boards for 2014. Now we can also confirm he will be riding Point7 sails. More from Point7:

Ricardo Campello

A winner is simply a dreamer who never gives up.

Point-7 was nothing more than a dream 6 years ago. Already by 2012 the brand was having top 10 results in all disciplines. By the end of 2013 Alberto Menegatti was crowned Vice World Champion in slalom greatly assisted to reach this goal with the support of the Black Team created that very same year. Dreams are what push Point-7 forward together with an undying passion for the sport of Windsurfing. If there is a morning that we wake up without a dream in our minds, it means that we are still sleeping.

Ricardo is our new dream! The dream to see him developing wave sails with us, the desire to have one of the most talented windsurfers that the world knows on the Black team! Give him Hawai'i, give him the Canary Islands, give him North Europe and he knows how to do it. We are proud to officially announce Ricardo Campello has joined our Point-7 Black Team. Ricardo being 28 years old is now in the best age where experience meets talent. We believe in him and we know that a personality like his needs to be out there promoting our sport, passion and lifestyle.

[part title="Ricardo's View"]

Ricardo's View

Which board? When you sailed with JP you mainly used the Quad, but now with PATRIK there isn't this option? Will you use a trailer or look to develop a quad?

I love Quads and I'm super used to it, I know Patrik can do whatever I want to do well in competition, I heard the Trailer Wave is an amazing board and I will definitely give it a try and hopefully I like it.

How involved will you be with the development of new products now?

Well I think one of the reasons they hired me is to help 100% on development of the wave equipment.

Will you still concentrate 100% on the PWA wave tour this year? Any thoughts of competing in freestyle again? Or doing anything different?

Yes, my dream and goal is still to become wave world champion! I will do freestyle and slalom here on the PWA Tour in El Yaque! I have been sailing here in El Yaque some Freestyle and I can do a few moves!!! Hopefully the conditions on the PWA here are strong winds with a few waves, these are my favourite.

What made you decide to go with Point7 and PATRIK over any other brands? We understand money for riders is tight, are you still able to concentrate fully on windsurfing?

Well, I knew Andrea for a long time, we were actually room mates in Maui on my first time to Maui when we were both on Pryde Team and he actually was my baby sitter and driver - ajaja - I didn't have a drivers license! So we spoke about 2 years ago in Sylt but nothing came up because I was basically married to JP/NP so in 2013 in Sylt we spoke again and by that time I was still thinking I was going to stay with JP/NP but already looking for other options, so when I got the bad news from NP I sent him an email and he made every possible move to have me on board! With PATRIK it was basically the same, I wasn't very close to him but windsurfing world is all like a family and we always said hi and made some jokes, I got in touch with him and then he also was really keen to have me on his team and here I am!

You've been at the top of the PWA for years now, so close to many wave world titles. What do you think it will take for you to win it this year? Do you think it's possible and what are you going to do to make it happen?

If I wouldn't think it’s possible I wouldn't be here, I was close but honestly in waves the luck factor has a lot of influence and in 2012 and 2013 I had really bad luck on my wave selections, I will also train harder then ever!! I really want to get this title!

[part title="Kurosh Kiani"]

Kurosh Kiani signs to Point7 and Angulo Boards! Here's the official announcement:

Danish pro windsurfer Kurosh Kiani leaves Simmer Style and Fanatic, and Joins his old sponsors Angulo Boards and Point-7. Having been on both brands before, Kurosh finds the set-up he think is what is going to give him the tools and support needed to improve on the world tour and continue to provide the windsurfing world with great articles and clips from around the world. To this change, Kurosh had this to say:

"First and mostly, I would very much like to send a big thanks to Simmer Style for being there for me from the beginning. I will be always grateful for their support not to mention the great people behind it I´ve become friends with. And of course a thanks to Fanatic for taking me on for a couple of years. But its times of change, lots of things have been re-structured, and ultimately I have brought my life closer to friends and family with this sponsor change. I even changed my sail number and will be rocking D83 in the future!. I have been riding for both Angulo Boards and Point-7 before and have great relationships with both Josh Angulo whom I have learned so much from and also Andrea Cucchi. I was one of the first "black team" riders back in the day when Andrea took me in and I stayed with him on Sardinia for a whole winter. Back then it was pretty much just him and I, today is a different story. We always have great battles out on the water and I look forward to kicking his ass this year!

I feel really at peace with coming back to Angulo Boards because they are a personality brand, and they support my visions to give me the space in my mind to evolve. Even though we parted ways back in 2012, Josh and I actually stayed good friends and I believe our friendship actually strengthened, and now with Pieter involved, I know I have the backbone and support along with Point-7 to pursue my goals and kick some ass! Last but not least I embark on a great upcoming time together with my friend Christian in Denmark as we have started up the company Gear Direct which is going to take over distribution of both Angulo Boards and Point-7 in Denmark and expanding with SUP´s and other products we think are great!"

Angulo Boards, which now is joined by Pieter Bijl as one of the driving forces of the brand are expanding across Europe and showed great potential and results in both Slalom and waves in the 2013 season.

"Angulo Hawaii has always been a family company and Kurosh Kiani is part of the family. Kurosh and I have been friends for some years and although he's tested the waters with different brands, he and I have always maintained a good relationship, just as brothers do. Beyond the clear personal relationship, I've watched up close and personal Kurosh's strong work commitment with his testiing and training, so when the chips fall his way I'm sure we'll see some good results from him. However, at the end of the day, Kurosh reminds me that having fun windsurfing is always the main ingredient for success and we happily welcome his vibe back to Angulo Hawaii!" says Josh Angulo, a legend in windsurfing. And Pieter Bijl adds:

"With more focus on the European market we have been looking for key players in each of the critical area's of Europe. We recognize Denmark as one of the those area's and are super excited to have Kurosh Kiani back on Angulo Boards. We know he likes the products as he has shown his potential on our boards before. We look forward to establish a long term relation with him as we believe that is the best way forward. Welcome back to Angulo KK. "

Finally, Andrea Cucchi, the head of Point-7 has this to say about Kurosh coming back to the brand:

"Kurosh is another pro rider which is coming back to our team this year, but for the first time will be a member the new BLACK TEAM! Kurosh has always been a friend whom I've enjoyed sharing time with around the world over the last years of the PWA tour. We had a lot of great fights on the water. Kurosh is an IT specialist, and due to this, he has a passion to create a lot of media work for the windsurfing world. Many nice videos, websites have been created by KK in our sport! Kurosh will also lead up the Danish distribution of Point-7 together with his partner Christian Weber. This makes us proud as we know that all Danish windsurfers will get top quality advice when picking their new gear from such an experienced team of people."

Kurosh will be representing Angulo Boards and Point-7 on the PWA world tour along with his other sponsors, Doppstadt and Maui Ultra Fins in the 2014 season. Furthermore selected national events and promotions across the world will go on the calendar. The final 2014 tour is yet to be released.

[part title="Boardseeker interview with Kurosh Kiani:"]

Boardseeker interview with Kurosh Kiani:

What exact equipment will you be using and why?

KK: I will be using the new Angulo Magnum boards and the Point-7 AC-1 for racing. And I´m really looking forward to getting the Angulo wave boards on the water again along with the new Point-7 wave sails such as the Salt and the 3-batten Swag when I hit the waves again.

What will you be looking to develop with the brands this year and going forward?

KK: I will be looking to develop a great mutual relationship which supports my crazy thoughts and ideas. I look to develop a place where I feel home and where information flows easily between everyone.

And with so many event clashes, which events will you be attending this year?

I will be doing the PWA world tour, and then I will be focusing on the Danish tour as well as I would like to get my title back!. I can't see myself going to IFCA events at the moment as I, for the moment, don't agree with or support the visions of the people running it.

[part title="Sanchez to K4:"]

The latest transfer news in and Omar Sanchez has officially signed to K4 fins. Check the official press below and a gallery of action shots from his home in Gran Canaria. No doubt a hot prospect for the PWA this year, we wonder what upsets Sanchez will cause to the seedings.

Omar Joins K4

Recently K4Fins sent Pozo PWA ripper Omar Sanchez some fins to try out at his home spot. Omar was lucky with windy weather the day they turned up and instantly loved them. The stiffer Stubby and Rockets from K4fins worked really well for him in the well renowned nuclear windy Pozo. Look out for Omar flashing some of the yellow stuff from now on.

Omar had this to say “Murray from K4 Fins got in touch and we had a chat about their fins and how they would work for me. I’ve seen their fins ripping for Graham Ezzy so I had no doubt that they would work well for me. The guys sent me some Rocket, Stubby and Ezzy fins to try and I was blown away. I am really looking forwards to riding the fins in the future and excited to see where they can push my windsurfing."