Point-7 have released a new initiative to promote and follow the exciting lives of the professional girls in their team. Having pulled in the likes of Lena Erdil, Amanda Beenen and others during this transfer season, the girls team has grown to quite a formidable fleet. So what do Point-7 have to say about it and who are these girls, flick through the next few pages to find out more.


Nope not the first of the point-7 girls, Andrea is in fact the team manager and owner of Point-7, here's what he has to say.

"A sport with no girls doing the sport, will always be less attractive. Don’t you think it’s nicer to go to the beach and see more girls in bikinis than only guys in board shorts? Exactly. So if we want also more guys to windsurf, let’s also push more the girls to enjoy the sport. With Point-7 we decided to open a whole new section, to learn more on how to develop more dedicated products, and have the chance to give tips from our #point7girls pro team, to everyone who want to share with them their windsurfing lifestyle."

Let's kick off the team with the Turkish Delight that is Lena Erdil. 2014's fastest female windsurfer and currently holder of the second fastest speed in windsurfing for women, Lena is killing it in the world of speed and slalom. With her move to Point-7 the door has opened up for her to exercise her love for wave-sailing. Whilst success in windsurfing is often about time on the water, it is only true talent that sees her pipping people to the podium time and time again, and it is this true talent that many will inevitably fear when she takes on the wave world tour.

Amanda Beenen is quite fresh to the international competition scene but she certainly came in with a bang. Within three years of competing on the PWA she has already gained her first victory, winning at the PWA Indoor in Poland last year, she has also gained several top 5 results and stands in fourth place on the current women's PWA wave rankings. A consistent and solid rise to up the rankings are not only down to her skill on the water but the almost obsessive approach she has to training off the water.


Dutch born Esther De Geus is fast becoming a name to take note of. She has chased the RS:X route for some time before finally choosing slalom. Taking part in her first PWA events in Alacati and La Torche last year she received a very respectable 13th place after Alacati, even making it into the final twice.


With her debut in 2011 Ceren has taken several top 10 places in the PWA Slalom fleet. Fighting hard for the top places her addition to the team will no doubt see the Point-7 crew show a strong presence on the water. In addition to this she is a highly motivated off the water and will provide plenty of updates about how to keep fit when you can't get to the beach.


Having dabbled in all disciplines Greta Benvenuti has been competing for 7 years now and exploded onto the wave scene when she won her first event in Guincho back in 2007. Turning to slalom she is the last girl to fill up the Point-7 Girls team and carries several top 10 results with her.