Starboard: A question that many people will be asking this month is why you decided to sign to Starboard for 2015?

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Starboard: What do you hope to bring to the Starboard wave team?

Jaeger: I hope to bring something to the Starboard team that's worthwhile I guess, I have to be a bit different. It's always been a focus of mine to try and wavesail with the speed, power and fluidity of a surfer and to rely more on the board than the power in my sail. I hope to bring and develop a pure wave sailing/surfing image.

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Starboard: Is there anyone’s style in particular you admire on the Starboard wave team?Jaeger:

The Starboard team is definitely full of talent. Scott McKercher has always had an influence on me as I've grown up windsurfing. He's always had a pure wave-riding approach where it's all about throwing the biggest turn you can or hitting the lip no matter what its size. He's still one of the best wave riders in the world and wave sailing with him would push me more than probably anybody else.

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