Starboard: Congratulations on signing to Starboard for 2015. Out of all the board brands why did you choose to ride on Starboard?

Jordy: Thank you! Beside the fact that I think the 2015 iSonic is the best slalom board at the moment, I like Starboard as a brand. They support a great team, they deliver amazing results, and they develop so many cool products. When the opportunity came up for me to join Starboard, I was more then happy to take it and I can’t wait to race on my new boards.


Starboard: What are the biggest differences you feel on the iSonic, compared to your old boards?

Jordy: I think in 2014, I already had a pretty good speed but with the new iSonics I feel like I have more than just top speed now. Jibing, the board is amazing as is the acceleration. It has everything to fly around the course and that’s pretty much why I love to be on the iSonic.


Starboard: How do your boards work with your sails, were you surprised? Which is your favourite iSonic size and construction?

Jordy: I think other riders already showed that Point-7 works great with the iSonic and after I tried it myself I can just confirm this: it’s awesome! As it’s pretty windy in Tenerife, I’m sailing on the iSonic 107 Carbon the most, and I really like it matched with my 7.9m². The range is big and I feel fast with this equipment. I can’t wait to get all my new toys over here to trim and tune everything!