We've been tracking Sarah Quita's progress over the last few months as she clearly set out on a quest to try out all the latest gear and sign up to a new sail brand. At one point her decision was very close to Sailloft, with her publicly using some of the sails, however it appears that she has finally decided to go with Neilpryde.

"Sailing without a sponsor last year was interesting but I've learned a lot about all the different brands out there. Also about people's willingness to help out with equipment and more. During the year I've spoken to many brands and one of the last ones was Neilpryde. We had a good talk and based on the good relationship I had with them last time I sailed with them, I decided that NP has the whole package and would be the best brand to support me in competing in all disciplines.

NP's team riders are some of the most motivated and talented sailors out there. I am super happy to be part of such a team again.

2015 will be the year of all disciplines. Mostly focusing on wave sailing because that's where I need to improve the most!

First trip will be Australia end of Jan!"