Starboard: Congratulations on signing to Starboard! Why did you choose to ride on Starboard and what goals have you set yourself for the year?

Tristan: I'm really happy to join the big Starboard family and race with the boards designed by Rémi Vila. I have known Rémi for a few years now because he is from Martinique, which is an island close to my home of Guadeloupe.

Myself and Rémi spent a lot of time together in New Caledonia and after a few test runs on the 2015 iSonics, I was completely surprised by the performance and speed. I instantly saw myself on these boards for next year. Rémi also pushed for me, which is great! I’m the youngest slalom rider in the biggest windsurf team. I’m also really happy to use the same gear as Cyril Moussilmani (PWA Vice Slalom Champion 2014). Now I can spend more time on the water with him and at the same time I can learn a lot of things.

My goal in 2015 is simple; I want to be in the PWA Top 15 or better. I also want to spend more time on the waves and try the wave competitions in two years time.


Starboard: Which boards have you chosen for your competitive quiver?

Tristan: I choose the 2015 iSonic Carbon production 90, 107 and 130 liter. The iSonic 107 Carbon is my favorite board. Fast, controllable and light are the words to define this board.


Starboard: Who on the current Starboard slalom team do you look up to and why?

Tristan:Cyril Moussilmani of course! He’s the best slalom rider on the team and a friend too. He interests me and I think it’s a good thing if I train alongside him. I will learn a lot, and we can also exchange tuning tips and preferred settings. It will be exciting!