Well the rumours are true, the pictures also told a thousand words, but here are a few more from the man himself. Ahh and we officially declare 2016 transfer season open, stay tuned for more news, gossip and rumours of PWA riders who are jumping ship to set sail on the high seas with a new stick beneath their feet and a fresh quiver in their hands.


Patrik Diethelm joins Sailloft Hamburg.

After Karin Jaggi joined the German brand Sailloft at the beginning of this year the other brain of PATRIK – Patrik Diethelm – has now also been recruited to the ever growing Sailloft brand. In the future he will be head of R&D for Sailloft's slalom and speed sails.

Patrik Diethelm: "My dedication for developing windsurfing equipment has become stronger and stronger. So a much closer cooperation with a sail brand is what I aimed for when considering my future.

Through the cooperation between Karin and Sailloft I also met the owners and designers Gerrit Maass and Olaf Hamelmann, I soon realised the opportunity to get custom speed sails designed to my needs was sitting right in front of me. Same as many team riders order custom boards from other shapers I felt that once in my life I want to have customised speed sails. It was actually the first time I was able to discuss and philosophise over every detail on a sail design including all reinforcements and stitches with two professional sail designers at the same time.

Going through this design process, so many ideas crossed my mind and I really felt that I want to try them all. I would not just call Gerrit and Olaf sail designers but "dedicated craftsman of art in sail design and sail making".


"My aim to follow many more sail design ideas especially for Speed and Slalom Sails is very strong. After a good talk we agreed to cooperate once my Loftsails contract expired at the end of the PWA event in Sylt this year. I would finally like to thank Loftsails for all the great times I had in the past 3 years and it was a pleasure to ride such great sails.

Now I am looking forward to all the new opportunities in our cooperation with Sailloft Hamburg."


Gerrit and Olaf: "Already in the beginning of our conversation with Patrik we noticed that we were thinking in the same way. And instantly so many ideas came along which needed to see the light of day that it would be a shame not to go for it. Now we are happy to have Patrik on our team, one of the actual best developers for windsurf equipment".

Photo Credits: Lüderitz Speed Challenge