You look out the door, the wind tree isn't moving an inch and you haven't hit the water for a week. Without booking a last minute trip somewhere exotic, here are three 'alternative' ways to get your daily fix - you won't believe the last one!

Option 1: Tow-in Windsurfing!

Perhaps the one that affects your bank account the least, tow-in windsurfing is on the rise and the moves being thrown down are also finding their way onto the front pages of the best magazines world wide. Just check out this little gallery of Ricardo Campello firing through tow-in backloops and pushloops.

Option 2: Indoor Windsurfing

50 fans side by side, a massive pool and a grid of electricity. That pretty much sums up indoor windsurfing, yet it's super radical and takes place in waist deep water with stunt ramps, buoys to jump and courses to race around. What's more, it is returning with a bang at the National Stadium in Warsw, Poland. Check our feature on that HERE.


Option 3: Jet-Powered Windsurfing

We are going to leave this to the critics out there, is this windsurfing or just a kitesurfer without lines? Whatever it is, it looks pretty techy and will no doubt leave a burning hole in the pocket of even the most savvy entrepreneur.

Judging by the guy in this video, one mistake could cost you...