Here on Boardseeker we have shared the various parts and pieces of Y, the movie, but now the producers have released the whole movie in one easy to watch piece. This isn't just another clip, this is a 40 minute full on feature film.

Would you like to see more dramatised windsurfing movies? Not just action, but a story alongside it too? Or what type of windsurfing movie is your favourite?

This got us thinking... what really is the best windsurfing movie of all time? This definitely isn't a definitive list, more like the first few that popped into our heads in the office.

Have a scroll through, have your VOTE and let us know which movies we've missed that make your list.

And before you do, check out the feature length Y below...

Y, the movie. from Fred Bonet on Vimeo.

[part title="1. Below The Surface"]

Below the Surface is the final movie from the late Andre Paskowski. Throughout his life he produced some amazing movies, getting behind the scenes of the windsurfing world and following some of the top windsurfers.

Is Below the Surface his best offering? Or do you prefer Minds Wide Open? Or any of Paskowski's other movies?

Find out more about Below the Surface on Boardseeker.


[part title="2. Don't Let Go"]

Don't Let Go is a movie produced by Flo Jung, staring Robby Swift, Boujmaa Guilloul and Camille Juban. Searching for more than just the perfect waves, this movie gets into the real journeys of these incredible riders.

Find out more about Don't Let Go on Boardseeker.


DON'T LET GO -Trailer from DONT LET GO on Vimeo.

[part title="3. The Windsurfing Movie"]

The Windsurfing Movie is thought to be by many as one of the best windsurfing films ever produced. Filmed to the highest possible standard in the most breathtaking locations around the world, and of course with the best riders the success of the Windsurfing Movie meant it was followed up with number 2. Do either of these deserve your vote?


The Windsurfing Movie II Official Trailer from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.

[part title="4. Josh Stone - The Aloha Man"]

We're getting a little more old school now, with one of the funniest and most inspiring windsurfing movies ever, from one of the coolest men in windsurfing - Josh Stone. The Aloha Man is also available to view in full online, so if you haven't seen it before (where have you been!?!?) or if you have, this is the perfect way to spend today's lunch break.


[part title="Robby Naish - R.I.P"]

Moving back even further, R.I.P is for many THE windsurfing movie of all time. The king of windsurfing, Robby Naish, shows exactly why our sport is so incredible in this classic. Is this your favourite windsurfing movie of all time?


Robby Naish - R.I.P. windsurfing movie from everts72 on Vimeo.

[part title="VOTE HERE"]

There are a whole host of movies we have missed, from more modern day edits to the big NeilPryde Classic like Fast Forward, Instant replay and Moving Target, but there was only room for five...

So, what's your favourite?