Over the festive period a lot took place, many received some great presents (that's if they were following our, almost outrageous, Xmas Wishlist feature), however, for one young man perhaps the best present he could receive was the coveted European Freestyle Windsurfer of the Year award.

Kicking off in 2012 the award gains recognition, not necessarily for the best competition windsurfer on the European tour but normally towards someone who has gained a strong image in the public sector, who may have an outstanding style or who may have done something a little different to the norm. Well for 2014 this was no different, Adam Gavriel who is now the 3rd winner of this title took top honours after a heated one week public vote. A clear margin ahead of Mattia Fabrizi (2nd) and 2012 winner Adam Sims (3rd), Gavriel, who is also a team mate of Sims proved his style, power and skill has certainly not gone unnoticed. We could go on about this all day, instead let's flash back to his epic Fuerteventura video.

Want to read more, here is an interview on the EFPT.net website.