JP Australia announce their 2014 wave and freestyle range, here's the Boardseeker round up including the vital info and some of the best images.

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Twinser or Quad - it's your call. As Quads they have more bite and control. As Twinsers the boards are slightly more loose (we recommend 2cm longer fins in similar conditions). The Twinser Quad line stands out with a huge range of use and radical performance in all wave conditions. They turn so easily and so radically that they will make you be able to do turns in ways you never thought would be possible.

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Twinser Quad, Image credit Thorsten Indra.


These fast and versatile wave boards offer a vast range of use in the Thruster set-up. Additionally, they can be fine-tuned to suit your individual style and the given conditions. They convincingly perform in all sorts of wave conditions. You will love them for their ease of use in the waves and the potential to rip the wave to pieces when wanted. With improved planing power they qualify as bump and jump high wind boards, too.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 09.09.30
Single Thruster. Image credit Thorsten Indra.

Freestyle Wave

Great all-rounders with a ridiculous wide range of use. Delivering a perfect balance of wave, seriously fast bump & jump and freestyle performance. The four small Pro Editions additionally handle any kind of wave conditions (from side-on to side-off) because of the Thruster setup. Their range of use is as wide open as your ambition and mind.

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