With our in depth coverage of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge almost concluded we thought we would catch up on the first two stops of the AWT and see how the big dogs are getting on.

Round 1 - Santa Cruz

Despite a teasing forecast light winds saw very little action at the opening event of the 2014 season. Whilst some of the pros hit the road and found a spot that was just about working, others used the time to take part in the SUP competition and catch up with friends.

We spoke with Marcilio Browne mid-week and he told us that "the event has been slow so far, we haven't had any wind so couldn't start. We have been having a great time anyway; mountain biking, surfing, hanging out with friends. It's always nice to be here.

I have all sails from 4.2 to 5.5 ,boards from 78 to 92, 34 cm harness lines, production fins 16cm and 8cm quad sets."

Boardseeker: Who do you think are the front runners for these two events? "I think a lot of people could win, but for me on top of the list are : Levi, KP, Bernd, Graham, Francisco, Josh Stone, Morgan..."


Plenty of coverage from this event appeared on our sister site - www.boards.co.uk

Round 2 - Pistol River

Currently under way and with cranking conditions Pistol River looks to be providing the goods for a classic AWT event. Just shy of completing the first single elimination the current top eight fighting it out for one of four places in the final are; Marcilio Browne, Bernd Roediger, Morgan Noireaux, Kevin Pritchard, Antoine Martin, Camille Juban, Levi Siver and Nathan Mershon.

Check out a gallery of epic photos on the next page from Si Crowther who is currently on location at the event and stay tuned for more soon.