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In today's round up we have to start at the end, as we still cannot quite believe the heat we witnessed from Victor Fernandez. After taking out Mussolini in the previous heat, Fernandez sailed what many quoted as 'probably the best heat we've ever seen'. We're not going to disagree. Not only did Fernandez pull out a perfect 10 wave score, with frontside aerial straight into a full 'man' taka right of the critical section, but he followed this with a near perfect double and another unbelievable wave. 28 points makes it the best wave score of the day. Can anyone get close?

Fernandez will now go on to face his Fanatic team mate Klaas Voget, who will be going all out to defend his fourth position.

There have been too many stand out heats and performances to mention all of them but one name we have to drop is Moritz Mauch. Mauch sailed through his skin to take down Campello and then Skye, just losing out to an on fire Bruch. Mauch was surely hindered in his final heat by the ankle injury that he sustained in his heat against Skye, Mauch is surely one to watch both now and in the future.

[part title="The business end of the double elimination"]

We're getting to the business end of the double elimination now...

Moritz Mauch on form, but now has a tweaked ankle. Image crest PWA/JC.

Swift takes down ten Hoeve and will face Leon Jamaer.

Mauch sails the heat of his life with some insane wave scores to beat John Skye. BUT Mauch has now tweaked his ankle and unsure if he can even sail in the next heat. We're sure a couple of pain killers and he'll be good to go though. Mauch will now local Dany Bruch.

Adam Lewis faced Mussolini, and it was full of drama. Both riders sailed exceptionally, but the drama came when Musso dropped into a wave of Lewis's, this meant that Musso had his best wave taken off of him. But he still edged the win. Yet further confusion came when more of Musso's scores were not registered on the live score... lesson of the heat, trust the sheets, not the live score! Musso will now face current world champion Marcilio Browne.

In the final heat Omar Sanchez sails to victory, to now face another rider that we're sure will be tough to beat... Victor Fernandez.

[part title="The second round of the double elimination"]

The second round of the double elimination is now complete here in Tenerife.

The biggest upset of the round was without a doubt Moritz Mauch taking down Ricardo Campello, winning with his final wave of the heat.

Next up we have:

Swift vs ten Hoeve.

Skye vs Mauch.

Lewis vs Mussolini.

Sanchez vs Martin.

Moritz Mauch beats Campello, and wil now face Ricardo Campello.

[part title="First round of the double elimination"]

We're almost through the first round of the double elimination, with all the 'expected' faces making it through to the next round. The wind seems to have dropped a little as we head into the next round, but there is still more than enough wind for some great action.

There were some dramas in the first round already, with probably the closest heat of the round being between Sanhelly and Campello. Support for Sanhelly came through and questions were raised by many about both his jump and wave scores, claiming they should have been a lot more. But, the scores stand as they are, so it is Campello that continues through.

Alessio Stillrich also had drama in his heat, with a change down of sail mid-way through, but this didn't seem to help and Stillrich struggled to pull together the moves we all know he is capable of.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.54.05

[part title="Day four here in Tenerife, and it's double time."] Day four here in Tenerife, and it's double time. The conditions are already looking good with more early wind than yesterday and bigger waves, the action will be underway soon with some heats of the women's double first.

The scene is set for the double of all doubles, both in the men's and women's fleets. The men's fleet sees the likes of Campello, Proffitt, Guilloul, Ojeda, Stillrich, Danielsen and more big names in the first round looking to take down some names. Then further up in the draw there is no doubt Bruch, Fernandez and of course Browne are guaranteed to be after blood and a place on the podium.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 09.39.09

In the women's fleet it's going to be a case of watching to see who has the goods to progress yet further. All eyes will be on the likes of Sarah-Quita Offringa, Sarah Sommer and more 'new girls' on tour who could cause some upsets...

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 09.40.48

[part title="Watch the live stream here."] Watch the live stream here.