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The single eliminations of the men and women's single eliminations have been completed. With the results as follows:

1st. Philip Koster. 2nd Thomas Traversa. 3rd Jaeger Stone. 4th Klaas Voget.


1st Iballa Moreno. 2nd Daida Moreno. 3rd Amanda Beenen. 4th Steffi Wahl.


[part title="Iballa takes the win"]


[part title="Philip Koester takes the win! "]


[part title="Jaeger just misses out on the final. "]


[part title="More from the action..."]

The action will commence in 15 minutes, it seems the protest put in by Brawzinho has been thrown out. So we will be straight back in with the semi finals of the men.


It will be an all Moreno final yet again in the women's fleet. The final four of the men are Traversa vs Voget and Koster vs Stone. The controversy continues after Browne only scores one jump in the heat, when he needed two. Braw only lost by 0.3 and is arguing that one of his straight jumps should be counted, as even if this scored 0.5 it would see him advance.


correction to our previous post, it was Klaas Voget who went through against Brawzinho. The confusion came as it is now two waves and two jumps to count, something the Brazialian is also protesting. But it seems it will still be Voget who goes through to face Traversa, whilst Stone takes on Koester in the second semi.

In the womens Iballa has made it through against Steffi Wahl and will now face the winner of Beenen vs Daida.

[part title="Dany bruch"]

Local man and one of the chief organisers of the event here, D nyBruch is on a roll.


[part title="Victor fernandez"] Victor Fernandez is looking one of the strongest competitors so far, with a 1point double and some big wave scores. Fernandez will face Traversa in the next round who has also been busting out the big moves, with a frontside36 in his previous he


[part title="Jaeger Stone"] Jaeger Stone causes a big upset taking out Ricardo Campello in the first round.

This wasn't his heat set up, but is what we think he will be using in the next heat.


It's an early start today with the competition kicking off at 9.45.

Make sure you're watching live right here and stay tuned to this page from all the latest from the event site.

At 9.45 it will be Jaeger Stone taking on Ricardo Campello and Adam Lewis facing a rematch with Sanllehy.

Gallery of the action so far... scroll down for the live stream.