We caught up with Dieter van der Eyken, who won the first event of last years Belgian Wave Championships. Kicking off tomorrow with an all time forecast, this could be one event this weekend that might even top that of the Eurovision song contest...

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Over to Dieter...

You can follow Dieter on his facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Dieter-Van-der-Eyken-B35

Tomorrow it's a GO for the Belguim wave championships. Located in the center of the Belguim coastline, Bredene, is probably the best spot in our country for both the quality of wave riders and also the conditions provided!

Conditions in Bredene never get huge, but with the current forecast it's looking like it could be one of the best days of the year, perfect for the Belgian championships! The waves are expected to keep building through the night and the forecast is showing up to 2.8 metres during tomorrow, this should give us head high waves at least in the sets with side to side onshore winds from the left at around 30-35 knots. It doesn’t get much better than this in Belguim so it will definitely be a day to remember!

Check the next pages for who the favourites are and what size gear will be on the beach tomorrow.


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With the skippers meeting at 10am and first possible start at 10.30am, the goal is to finish a double elimination, so it promises to be a long and tiring day. The entry list looks good with all the top names except Jonas Handekyn, who is suffering from a bad knee injury after his trip to Cape Town, instead he will be on the judging panel. To name a few of the favourites we have:

- Nick de Wannemaeker: Who won the competition last year and has a very nice style on both jumps and waves together with incredible local knowledge of the spot (he literally lives on the other side of the street…) so for sure he will be in for the win.

- Fabrice Devos: Who is multiple times Belgian Wave Champion, and is a very good competitor both on consistency and diversity.

- Olivier Pas: He is maybe not so known outside of Belguim but in Belguim everyone knows he has the best tweaked push loops in our country combined with a great wave style he has a fair chance to win, or at worst taking one of the other two podium spots.

- Michiel de Vogeleer: Having improved his wave riding in Chile last winter we are looking forward to see how he will fair back in the hardcore Euro conditions.

- Wout Burman: Who has one title under his belt already (on a broken board when I had never even heard of him). He never holds back in his jumps, already trying pushloop into forwards in Cape Town last winter. He also stuck an airtaka in one of his heats last year during the Belgium Championships in Wissant, so definitely one to watch out for!

Besides them there are many other riders who can surprise tomorrow. For myself I’m aiming for top 3 at least and actually want to win again just like last year during the first contest at Bredene. I’ve been training in the waves a lot whilst I was in Australia last winter but I could certainly do with some time to adapt to the conditions, if they are anything like last friday, so let's see how it goes tomorrow. With some luck I can make the difference on the waves with the more new school wave moves (taka’s and backside 360's) together with a big back loop but as I said in the previous page there are many guys who can win!

For tomorrow I have one Starboard Koster Kode 72 prepared with 15 cm twin fin set-up. For my sails I have my Severne S-1 3.6 (the sail I will most likely use), 4.0 and 4.4, which I think should be good gear wise. Lets' hope the rest works out as well, but most of all it will be fun to sail with all the guys again and push for a Belgium Championship that we certainly won’t forget fast!

Stay tuned for more updates from Dieter tomorrow (Sunday)

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You can follow Dieter on his facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Dieter-Van-der-Eyken-B35