Running now, the National Wave Championships in Belgium is seeing some pretty hardcore wind. The waves are building as the tide pushes so conditions should be on for this afternoon's competition.

All words come from last years first stop winner, Dieter van der Eyken:

"Ready to go on the water soon.. A bit storm chase with everyone on their smallest sail and I will be on 3.3 probably.. The waves aren't too big but sets are head high, perfect for Belgium!! Let's go!!"


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Single elimination complete

So I got 4th in the single, conditions where strong with everyone on their smallest sails, including myself on 3.3. The biggest surprise was Wout Burman losing in the second round. In the third round the wind dropped a little bit making me switch up to 3.6 just in time for my heat against Fabric de Vos. The sail size was a good move and helped me pass after my best heat in the single. Not long after the wind dropped more and jumping got even harder.


Double Elimination

"So the double went well. We had solid wind and good waves, which meant soem decent comebacks, the biggest of which came from Wout Burman (defeating Fabric De vos in a close heat) winning 5 in a row and putting himself into 5th place. For now that is all I can manage because we go into the final heats and the prize giving will follow right after."

The Finals

...thanks to the police for allowing us to sail today, because everywhere else it was forbidden...

So Wout got stopped by me for 4th place and I myself found a perfect rhythm for the heats being perfectly powered up on my 3.6 Severne S1 and Starboard Koster Kode 72! I managed to do a back loop and push loop every heat combined with two solid wave rides, which always included a backside 360 together with a few turns. The result was that I managed to sail myself all the way till first place!

Everyone was sailing great and Olivier Pas even got close to a double but lucky for me he didn't land it...

So final results are:

1st Dieter van der Ekyen

2nd Thomas Beullens (who actually didn't even want to enter the event)

3th Olivier Pas

4th Nick de Wannemeaker

5th Wout Burman


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