After Andre Paskowski completed his last two movie projects, Rewarded and Magic Moments, many were asking if there was something in the pipeline. Well the answer is here, Andre has begun working on the new project Below The Surface. Find out plenty more about it by reading on and if you wish to be a supporter of the video then there is a number of ways to do this, check the BTS Supporter section below.



"The time has come. We have started to work on a new Windsurfing Movie. I am super happy that in my very difficult Situation am able to go for 1 more big DVD, Full HD Project. It just all came nice together. A nice Team, the Support of my Girlfriend and fully motivated Riders made the decision totally easy. I am looking forward to shoot and travel and see some great place and great windsurfing. At the moment I am on Maui to start shooting. The Wind has been real bad but it looks like it is changing now."


BTS - What's It All About

It seems just like yesterday that successful windsurfing producer Andre Paskowski (30) from Hamburg (GER) released his latest movie Rewarded, which talks about his close friend and five-times Freestyle World Champion, Jose Gollito Estredo. Now Andre Paskowski has officially announced that the production of his new windsurfing movie has started. To mark the occasion he has already confirmed the final title as 'Below The Surface’ and announced the world premier scheduled for this year’s RENO Windsurf World Cup in Sylt at the end of September.

Well-known for putting together the finest windsurfing movies, Andre Paskowski puts the discipline of Waveriding into the limelight again. The planned locations will be five of the best wave-riding spots around the world. "Below the Surface will be both an action packed sports movie and an impressive documentary including Victor Fernandez, his friends and rivals" Andre Paskowski explains the concept without telling the names of the prominent key players yet.

To help make Below The Surface a reality Andre Paskowski and his production company FRUITLOOP PRODUCTIONS are looking for sponsors. "In the past the production costs were merely covered by private financing, donations from fans and some Support of my Sponsors North, Fanatic and ION" Andre explains the situation. "This time we are looking for official partners who will support Below the Surface". For further information or to express interest please send an email to


About Andre Paskowski:

Since the two-times European Freestyle Champion was diagnosed with cancer he had to put his sporting career on hold since 2010. Filming brought a new meaning to his life and so Andre became one of the most successful producers in the windsurfing movie scene. Wet and Salty (2004), Flashback and Four Dimensions (2009) are the names of his first remarkable films. The definitive breakthrough was achieved by Minds Wide Open (2011), which was nominated for participation at the important X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival in Salt Lake City, USA, just like it’s two followers Magic Moments and Rewarded (2012).


BTS Support

As with all movie projects there is certainly a big budget required and the support of one or many can help achieve this. So although one individual or company would be great there is still the option for yourself to get involved (on any level) and have a strong helping hand in what is bound to be the next big windsurfing movie to hit our screens. The options include anything from full corporate sponsorship to free tickets for the Premiere in Sylt. If you want to find out more then please click on the link below to be re-directed to the Supporters PDF.

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