Day 5 of PWA Pozo and we are live from the beach. We'll bring you all the latest updates as it happens so stay tuned to this post for more. All updates will be posted as new pages

15:00 local time Official announcement is that the waves are looking the best they have been all day, so the ladies have been called to the beach to run in 30 minutes. The heats will be 14 minutes long with best two jumps and one wave to count. They've been encouraged to sail down in the bunker. We spoke with a marginally frustrated Justyna, who was on form and leading yesterday during their cancelled heat: "Yeah I had a good score from yesterday but the heat was cancelled, I am a little bit gutted but I'm prepared for today. To be honest it looks the same as yesterday, maybe it gets a bit better as the tide pushes a bit more in the next half an hour".


15:15 local time "Well my draw is slightly tricky, I mean I was really aiming to win my trials round and it was really close, only 0.5 points in it, then I wouldn't be facing Philip Köster right now" Graham Ezzy told us whilst nursing a bruised foot.


We are going remote now to get updates from the beach.

We spoke with Olya Raskina who just came in - "I was really underpowered on my 3,6 and 69 litre board"


"I was so underpowered, but I tried to make the best of it, I think it's really close between us all. It might come down to the wave ride" - Sarah Bibby


"No I don't feel so nervous, there is no pressure at all, but I'm excited actually, so I guess you could say it's like an excited nervous. Haha, no I'm over my fear of forwards and I'm even stalling some now. Here we go..." - the queen of freestyle told us just before she enters the water. She's taking 4.2 with 77l twin.


"It's not so bad, each day should improve with a building swell but it's better for us to get some heats done at least, the more we can get through now the better it is for us to complete the single elimination" - Victor Fernandez


Apologies for our technical delay.

We caught up with Robby Swift for a few minutes before his heat. Having watched Ricardo he told us "the wind is stronger now but I'm ready to go, Ricardo is sailing good especially as he has 11 stitches in his foot. I will take my 4.5 so I have enough power for the smaller waves"


One of the most impressive scores came from Ricardo Campello despite sustaining an injury yesterday where he ended up with 11 stitches across the top of his foot. He was going for an air chachoo during a photoshoot yesterday and bailed out only to land directly on the fins.

Here's a little close up.


The final heat for today is over, we spoke with Jaeger Stone right after he came off the water as he was standing next to his team manager Ben Severne. Super chilled out about winning we got a few words off him.

"Yeah it was difficult, there weren't really many ramps and I got some rides in which made me feel comfortable as I changed my training plan whilst at home this winter"

Boardseeker: So you are training in this at home?

"Yeah, sometimes even in onshore, I've been taking it a lot more serious for the PWA events"

Boardseeker: Are you training heats then?

"Yeah a lot, I go out for 12 minutes but I noticed I was wasting a lot of time just charging for ramps in the first three minutes, I changed this and put in some more rides now"


Lastly, whilst watching Jaeger, we saw Ben Proffitt in a struggle - "my backs been out, I haven't been on the water for a week, how do you do this again?!"