KFC, the 'new' popular jumping spot in Cape Town, has already been witness to some radical moves from up and coming wave sailors, none other than Bosson who seems to be killing it in both freestyle and waves right now. His power in his wave moves are as rad as his freestyle, just check this short clip he put online.

Jumping Table view

Some jumps in Table View from last week during a sunset session with the frenchies ! Easy jumps in 35 knots with my Fanatic International Skate 94 TE & North Sails Windsurfing International IDOL 4.0 LTD :)Filming Benoit DevinatPrepa&Phys ION La Cahute Ecole de Windsurf et Stand Up Paddle Six Fours Windsurf Organisation Windsurfjournal.com Wind Windmag

Posted by Adrien Bosson Windsurfing on Tuesday, 2 February 2016