First up we pay our respects again to Peter Volwater who passed away earlier this week, this time we get to do it by way of a new move invented by Ricardo Campello. Total respect to Ricardo for inventing this gnarly new move and for nailing it so perfectly. Totally rad and we are sure Peter would highly approve. RIP.

From one incredible move to one outstanding video. Looks like Yegor Popretinsky has been sending it at home. You must watch this if you haven't seen it already, and if you have, you must watch it again.

Next video is an awesome throwback to Antxon Otaegui's competition years. Re-released by Kuma Movie, Antxon is totally on fire at his home spot in Lanzarote. Talking of which, the EFPT will soon be on site ready for their next tour stop and we will be there with plenty of behind the scenes updates, so stay tuned.

From one crazy Kuma video to another. This one features Kiri Thode who seems to simply defy gravity and the laws of freestyle in this clip.

Ever heard of Charlie Sheen? Well you have now. Another SA Barra kid is bursting into the world of freestyle with an impressively high level of talent. Where do these guys keep coming from?

Lastly, we wrap up this week with this short edit from Nick Van Ingen who's been training a lot at home recently. Sending the moves at home in all sorts of spots, he seems pretty clued up with all the latest freestyle tricks.

That's it for this week, join us next week for more and stay tuned today as we bring a small update from the final day of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge.