Windsurf hydro-foiling continues to push the limits within our sport. Last week we saw people competing on them in 60 knots at Le Defi, now we see someone flying about with a 2.5m kids rig!

From stable platforms to stable footage, here is one for our video geeks. Many of us know about the DJI Phantom drone but what you may not know is that these guys produce some pretty next level stabilization equipment, including the DJI Ronin and this is the result of a test with that piece of kit filming from a boat bouncing in chop going 25 knots+.

From one slalom clip to the next, except this one includes the oh so lovely Estelle Barre fashioning her new funky looking wetsuits.

Stay tuned for more updates as we go mobile from the EFPT Milos Beach event, which kicks off today.