Kicking off today we have something a little different. A showreel from media company Kaaps, who have put together some of their best clips they have filmed in recent years. The video contains a multitude of sports but of course some windsurfing from none other than the epic Red Bull Storm Chase.

Back to action from the PWA and the highlights are live from the epic Siam Park Super Session. Very much anticipated and by no means a let down in any way, enjoy the radness.

Very much a talking point at the moment is the new Fanatic Stubby and of course similar offerings from other brands, such as the Starboard Reactor. This said, Victor Fernandez, who also happens to be headlining our features right now with a Pro Kit test feature using this very board, has just made this video live of him testing the board more than 5 months ago.

To wrap up today we have a clip featuring the young, motivated and talented German freestyler Marco Lufen. Making it onto prime time TV, Marco is on fire in this clip, the only issue, you'll need to get your German translator out. Click on the image below to see Marco in action and a few bonus shots of event winner Dieter van Der Eyken.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 23.13.15

Join us again tomorrow for more...