Further news is continuing to come out through the grapevine, regarding the transfers. It is now confirmed that Philip Koester and Ricardo Campello will leave NeilPryde.

But what does this mean for windsurfing? It is inevitable that Koester will step to Severne (although, this is yet to be confirmed) and there are numerous rumours of where Ricardo could be moving to next. With Koester it looks like it was his loyalty to Starboard that has forced the move, but with Campello was it really his choice? As one of the most exciting sailors to watch on the tour, pushing the possibilities of jumping at every step, it is hard to believe that it was an easy choice to make for NeilPryde or Campello himself.

Another notable absence from the NP team is Youp Schmit, the up and coming freestyle talent has made a mark on all the contests he has entered this year... so where is his name on the team list? Or is he also stepping aside? We will have the answers for you very soon.

We are delighted to hear the Leon Jamaer, who has gone from strength to strength this year will be on the international team for 2014.

More information is due out in the next few days, so watch this space! Meanwhile, let's look back at some classic Campello footage from a few years ago, where he's sending it in epic Pozo conditions and click to page two for a full press release from NeilPryde...

Ricardo Campello destroys it in Pozo a Windsurfing video by umi_pictures

Read the full press release from NeilPryde on page two...

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"In 2014 our focus is on bringing a new generation of windsurfers to the team. These new team members are important for our partners locally but also have the potential to do well in international competitions. We want to strike a better balance between PWA competitors, local heroes and media generators going forward.

We are pleased to announce the signing of Leon Jamaer. Leon is a 23 year old windsurfer from Kiel in Germany who finished top ten in the PWA this year. He is a key figure in Germany and will help us to promote the brand in this important market. Leon will also be on NP wetsuits and accessories and JP boards.

Antoine ‘Titoun’ Martin and Jules Denel continue to be on NeilPryde with, Titoun now officially part of Team Pryde International. Both of these young sailors are exciting talents and are very active on French beaches. Titoun will be wearing NP wetsuits and accessories and both riders are on JP.

Windsurfing legend Jason Polakow, Robby Swift and Steven Van Broeckhoven continue with us.

We are extending our international support for other riders such as Tyson Poor from the US, Andy Chambers from the UK and Sebastian Kornum from Denmark. These riders are all influential in their local markets.

Enrico Marotti from Croatia is a new addition to the slalom team. Enrico showed big potential winning several heats at the 2013 PWA event in Costa Brava. He has a reputation of being one of the fastest sailors and is very motivated, taking both on-water and physical training very seriously.

The Slalom team is led once again by Antoine Albeau with Julien Quentel, Arnon Dagan, Casper Bouman and Enrico Marotti in support. Team Pryde Slalom will be in a training camp on Maui from February through to April, preparing for the season ahead. We will be generating some content from this camp which we will contact you about in due course.

Team Pryde 2014

Antoine Albeau

Julien Quentel

Jason Polakow

Robby Swift

Steven Van Broeckoven

Leon Jamaer

Antoine Martin

Jules Denel

Tyson Poor

Andy Chambers

Casper Bouman

Enrico Marotti

Arnon Dagan

Sebastian Kornum

Two notable emissions from Team Pryde 2014 are Philip Koster and Ricardo Campello.

We attempted to sign Philip on a joint JP and NeilPryde contract but could not reach an agreement. We believe Philip will continue to be dominant in international competitions going forward and we are sad to lose him.

Ricardo Campello, a long term Team Pryde member is also an unfortunate loss. Ricardo has been an exciting talent since a young age and is a top competitor.

We thank Philip and Ricardo for winning a total of five world titles on NeilPryde sails and wish them all the success in the future.