Antoine Albeau may have left the building but many of the big names are still in town and there is plenty of drama unfolding on the Luderitz Speed Canal as the final week draws nearer. The speedies are putting everything on the line to reach the landmark goal of 100km/h, one such person, Patrik Diethelm. Read more in this social media post below.

What doesn't kill you makes you faster!!! Patrik's crash at 51,8kts / 96km/h after a spin out resulted in a lot of small...

Posted by PATRIK on Thursday, 12 November 2015

Another on course for glory is Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Showing face for just a 'short' two weeks, Dunkerbeck is lapping at the heels of the 100km/h barrier as he edges closer and closer to this record breaking landmark.

Today I made my fastest run so far - 96,4 km/h top speed. Please have a look. There's not much missing for the record!