Last night the crowds at Podersdorf once again gathered for the final show, the Chiemsee European Tow-In Championships grand final. After 3 qualification rounds the final 10 had been selected and the runs began. First up was Dieter Van Der Eyken who showed us a big air funnel but crashed out at the end, he also showed us how hard the conditions were, here is what he has to say "the conditions were hard, the wind came directly from behind which made it a lot harder and the level was also really high".

The competitors continued through the first round, some also surprised us by crashing instead of sticking their usual moves, no one more so than Max Matissek who seems to have his air funnel into funnels on lock but this time he too found the wind and chop hard and crashed out on his first move. In the end it was Steven Van Broeckhoven who lead as the riders began round two. Steven almost sailed out of a triple funnel, literally bouncing like a skimming stone across the water.

Round two saw the competitors step up their level as most sailed away from their attempted moves, the most outstanding of which was Gollito Estredo who stomped the first ever burner into burner in competition. In the end it was this move that took him to victory just ahead of Steven who sailed out of a perfect air funnel into burner, however this still meant that Steven managed to hold on to his title as the European Tow-In Champion. The standard was incredibly high and it is really possible to see that some of the top guys are training tow-in quite a bit now, check it all out in the video update below.