The official press from Denmark is that massive support from the local community has now made the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup possible for this year.


Thanks to the massive local support Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is back on the calendar for 2014. This is due to a three-year agreement made by Thisted Forsikring, a local and acknowledged Danish insurance company, which ensures the foundation for organizing the event. Managing Director of Thisted Forsikring, Dennis Rene Petersen, says:

"Our roots and our commitment to the local community is an important part of our company’s DNA, which is why we believe that the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup should be maintained and further developed. For this to be possible, a foundation needs to be established which is something we can and want to contribute to through economic aid that, combined with the persistent effort of many passionate people, will ensure the event’s sustainability."


Thisted Forsikring is not the only organization with roots in the community to give the event a cash injection. Thy-Mors HF & VUC, a local institution of education, has also contributed significantly. This means that the financial side is now sorted, which was not the case only few weeks ago. Jens Otto Madsen, head of Thy-Mors HF & VUC, says:

"From august and onwards we are starting HF Cold Hawaii – a new initiative for young people from all over the country, who want to surf, windsurf, and live in a surf residence hall in Klitmøller whilst obtaining a solid high school education. Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup provides an excellent opportunity for Thy-Mors HF & VUC to make the education visible. That’s why we’ve made a considerable contribution to the event."


Last but not least, representatives from four Cold Hawaii towns are participating alongside Friends of Cold Hawaii, organizer of the event, in the daily work of finding more local advertisers for the event. In addition to Klitmøller, Vorupør, Stenbjerg and Agger and thus all the villages located along the Cold Hawaii coastline are participating.

PWA is excited about this new situation, to which PWA Tour Manager, Richard Page, says:


The surfers are also enthusiastic:

Kenneth Danielsen, Denmark (D38): "The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup has a really special meaning to me as it takes place where I learned to wave sail and still spend most of the year training. So to have it back on the tour is just a dream come true for me!"


Klaas Voget, Germany (G4): "The Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcup is a very important tour stop for us. The event has a unique and friendly atmosphere, great conditions and last but not least it takes place in one of the most frequently visited places for windsurfers from all over northern europe. I’m stoked that we got the event back on the PWA calendar!"

Alt_Klaas Voget1

Victor Vernandez, Spain (E42): "Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is very important to me. I love the conditions and the town, and with this competition in Denmark, the PWA Tour is bigger and more recognized. I have very good memories of the past few years where I achieved great results. Thank you very much for putting this event on!"

Kia Cold Hawaii 2013 PWA World Cup

Robby Swift, Great Britain (K89): "For me, Denmark has been one of my favourite spots for the past 4 years. The local community really gets behind the event and makes us feel completely at home in Klitmøller. I am really happy that we can go back there again, especially after the disappointment of hearing that the event would be cancelled.Massive support from the local community makes Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup possible in 2014."


The World Cup will take place from September 15 to 21, 2014.

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