Cloudbreak in Fiji became a fairly famous wave in the windsurfing scene when JP made the trip there and scored some unreal surf a year or so ago, the shots spread like wildfire across the worlds media and the following video was released.

Well there are two recent bits of news that are putting Cloudbreak well and truly on the map. The first is JP teamed up with Philip Koester and Scott McKercher to return to this heavy wave once again. Having been camped out there for three days now they've scored incredible surf and some perfect winds to charge on their windsurf kit. The updates from the crew keep on coming, here is a short gallery but check out the links below to follow it all from the riders themselves:

Jason Polakow

Philip Koester

The second piece of news is that the Volcom Fiji Pro is about to kick off down there, with all the heavy hitters arriving in town the line has already started to fill up according to JP but an exceptional swell is forecast so you can be sure we will be glued to our screens as the livestream is rolled out. You can follow the entire surfing event on

Here is the event teaser.