Behind the scenes of the development of one of Starboard's most innovative designs. The Starboard Black Box has changed the thoughts of what it is possible to do in small, mushy wave conditions and revolutionised what we think possible in wave board design.

Here, Dany Bruch talks about the development and potential of the board, plus click below for more info... [part title="Black Box more info"]

More details and gallery from Starboard:

The Black Box is not a wave board for all conditions. It is not about top speed. It is not about jumping. The Black Box is the board that excels in small, mushy waves and light winds.

Many boards are marketed for real-world conditions and real-world sailors. Dany Bruch’s creation takes it a step further by offering a very short and wide shape with no excess volume that will create and hold speed on a wave like never before.

The Black Box is very short at 215cm with a lot of width in the tail that carries through to the nose. The sharper rails help generate speed while the rocker provides maneuverability. These characteristics allow the board to quickly accelerate on the smallest and mushiest waves. This self-generated speed combined with the very short length will let the rider link together more turns with more speed when the conditions would normally only allow for one, if any.