A slow start to day 2 as a last minute change in the forecast saw the wind come in late. Kicking in at about 20 knots, the wind provided suitable conditions for the youths and also a chance to wrap up the Canarian Speed Championships.

Currently leading the youths category is Aron Etmon who we filmed charging down the race course during one of his final runs of the day. We spoke with Aron after who was pretty stoked to find his speeds were so high despite the lighter winds. Check out the video below.

Meanwhile the 2 day Canarian Championships side of the event came to a close today. It was a hotly contested competition but in the end preliminary comparisons on the beach show that Kai Kaufmann has come out on top. As yet unofficial news but we caught up with him at the end of day.

And we wrap up this second day with a small gallery from a few photos we took in between filming.