Day 3 of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge has dawned and the wind is here.

Conditions are looking suitable for an early start as the competitors complete their briefing. 09:15 is the expected first possible start.


We asked Jurjen van der Noord if he was feeling confident after yesterday's top speed during the free sailing session: "yes for sure I am, the wind is on the lower side right now but it is a positive sign for the rest of the day"

Read on to see more updates as the day unfolds...

First we spoke to Lena Erdil who says she will rig 6.3 and 5.6 for the building wind that is forecast and she will be on her 41cm Patrik Speed board.


Anders Bringdal is currently preparing his 7.8, 7.0 and 6.4.


And in the interest of fairness... Liam Dunkerbeck told us: "I will take my 60 litre board with my 2.6 or 2.0"


Straight after we spoke to him he launched and has been the first one on the water for 20 minutes already.


Update from Björn Dunkerbeck, who just came off the water:

"The wind is on the lighter side for speed sailing, we are all planing on 7.8 and I was on my 56cm board, but we want to start when the wind is strong and much more fair. It looks really promising for the day ahead and I'm sure we will be racing in no time at all."



Round 1 of competition has already finished and the preliminary results can be seen below. More people will be entering the next round which is due to kick off in 10 minutes.

The wind is currently 25 knots and most are on 6.4 and 7.0 sails.

Stay tuned...


Round 2 is underway, Björn looking strong again. Jurjen van der Noord also looked to get a good run just now and Lena Erdil definitely got a strong gust throughout the whole race course .


Update on round 2:

Wind is quite gusty and both Anders and Lena returned to the beach to grab bigger gear. Anders took his 91 slalom board and Lena put in a bigger fin, it looked like 34cm.


Round 2 is over, Björn stated that the wind was quite gusty but his speeds appear to be no less than the last round.

Short video interview coming online very soon.



Results from round 2 are below. A short video with Björn Dunkerbeck can be found on out Facebook page, go check it out and don't forget to hit the LIKE button to follow all our updates as they happen.


Round 3

A third round took place this afternoon in the building wind. With a packed race course the action was thick and fast. The most standout sailor was Björn himself who seemed to sit almost 2 knots above everyone else at all times! A truly impressive performance it is no wonder he was a happy man when we caught up with him just now as he was leaving the beach. "Today the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge was truly born. Not only did we have great conditions and a fleet full of all kinds of abilities but myself, my father and my son could all race on the same course. I think my son Liam probably covered the most ground today as he hit the water first and just seemed to windsurf all day long, it will be interesting to compare our distances we windsurfed between myself and my family. It was also great to see other parents bringing along their kids and shows that this event is all about a fun atmosphere where all families are invited to join us. Tomorrow is another day and the forecast looks even better."

Results for the third round will be tabulated later with the official results from the first two rounds also going live. We'll be sure to post them here as soon as they are live.