The second day of wind will see competition kick of early as the riders prepare their gear for what is likely to be the windiest day of competition.


Clear sky and 5 knots more than yesterday should see top speeds significantly increase. Round 4 is set to start imminently and like yesterday we will cover the event with updates added progressively to this news post.

We are here with Zara Davis who is sitting in 1st place for the ladies fleet and has an impressive result in the overall - "I'm currently lying in 10th place overall, that's amazing, I can't believe it. Of course I will try to hold on to that today. I've got my 6.2 and 5.5 Simmer SCR's rigged on the beach with my 47cm Mistral Speed with my 41 there just in case. Yesterday I found myself putting in bigger and bigger fins and finding my speed increase more and more, today I will drop from my 28 back down to the 26 because the wind is up and maybe later I will be on my 23cm Asy Sonntag"


Jurjen van der Noord to us the he has his 7.0 and 6.2 Severne Reflex 5 rigged with his 47 Mistral Speed board prepared, a 26.5cm black project fin and 28-30cm adjustable harness lines.

Yesterday was not perfect, I would have liked to win at least one round, however today looks windier and I certainly prefer this. I hope I can get back to the top and remain there.

We also spoke to Liam Dunkerbeck again. As he gets used to the edit attention he was running up and down the beach getting his gear ready: I am on a smaller sail today, 2.0 with my 60l board again.


11:15 - Round 4 is a go

Round 4 on the fourth day of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge and the European Speed Championships is officially underway.

The winds are up and down and we have seen a few kit changes already. Many people have been coming on to change to their bigger gear as the wind on the race course is not quite as windy as it looks, the low sun is a bit deceptive. Jurjen just returned and said that it's very light, I wasn't expecting it and I would prefer to be on 7.8 right now. I got 36 knots which I think is ok for the conditions, I will watch With not much time left in this round he is heading back out on his 7.0.


11:55 - Gusty wind

The heat is quite gusty but it seems to be settling a bit towards the end now. Young Liam returned and changed up to his 2.6, meanwhile Zara Davis found the light winds a little tricky but has found her form and is certainly cranking now. Jurjen is taking a high line close to the beach and Björn just flew through the course area. It appears as though the wind is picking up for the last 5-10 minutes of this heat.


Round 4 complete

With a surge of wind in the closing minutes it looks like many of the top runners posted their quickest speed during their final runs.

All round the feeling was that it was a bit on the lighter side with scores generally lower than yesterday. Although the girls seemed to up their game and whilst the men were 1.5 to 2 knots slower they only lost 0.5 knots, and in Lena Erdil's case she even went faster. So a good morning for the girls.

On the way up the beach we spoke with both Björn and Jurjen:

Yes the wind was lighter than we expected in that heat, I think it caught a few of us off guard, but still I managed to hit a peak of 40 knots and had some good runs in the final minutes - Björn stated.

It was tricky conditions, I tried many lines from a low and stronger wind to a high and flatter water run. In the end I got some ok runs but I'm looking forward to this afternoons wind to kick in. - Jurjen van der Noord told us.

Preliminary results coming right up.


Preliminary results from the fourth round are below.


Round 5

Halfway through round 5 and the wind has well and truly kicked in. We are hearing reports from Zara, who just returned to the beach to change down to here 23 Asy Soontag fin, that it's certainly picked up, her GPS is currently saying a 38 knot peak and a 36 knot run, which is the fastest all week.


40 knots broken

Round 5 is over and 40 knots has officially been broken. Björn returned to the beach with both averages over this benchmark.

We just spoke to Anders Bringdal and Jurjen who both seemed much happier about the conditions and pleased to be on their speed boards. "The wind is good now, more consistent and you get a good wind bend at the start to lift you up into the course area" - states Anders, who was able to also get a 40.5 knot average.


Round 5 prelim results

The preliminary results are in. Top speeds can be seen directly next to the name with the averages in the usual boxes.


15:30 Kids on course

The youngsters took to the water for half an hour in a effort to take on one another in a fun filled half an hour of speed sailing. It may have been the most perfect time of the day with strong winds gusting near 40 knots and glassy flat water. The kids had the course to themselves whilst the biggest names in the business watched on.

"It's an exciting opportunity for the young talent in our sport to mix with the pros and take part in a light hearted competition that can be as serious as they want it to be. All they have to be able to do is water start and away they go. All kids and their families are invited to any of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenges in the future, I hope to see you there." - Björn Dunkerbeck


We caught up with 12 year old Alexa Escherich who clocked some great speeds.

"It was fun to take part today and I was pleased to see that I got a good speed. I've never taken part in a speed event before and it was not scary at all. I really hope I can make it to the next one.


Round 6 is a go


Round 6 saw stronger winds still, unfortunately results are being kept a suprise for a little longer as the team at work behind the scenes to validate all scores. However, our inside info is that it was a close one between Björn Dunkerbeck, Jurjen van der Noord and Anders Bringdal. According to the Jurjen, who we caught up with right after the heat, "it was nice, now we can call this speed sailing, we were able to lock down for a good run and record some decent speeds for the conditions. I think, after speaking to the others, that Björn got the top speed once again, myself second and Anders in 3rd, but that is not sure because we only spoke amongst ourselves and a few others have been really rocketing". We went on to ask him if he was happy with his result "well I'm happy to be scoring well but in Luderitz it was a different story, I was beating Björn every run and it would be nice to be in that position at least some of the time, he seems to know this place so well and have it completely dialled in".

Results will be online later or first thing tomorrow morning. Stay tuned...


A short iphone video edit from round 4 today, featuring Jurjen van der Noord, Björn Dunkerbeck, Liam Dunkerbeck, Anders Bringdal, Zara Davis and Lena Erdil.


Results from yesterday are live. Below you can see the the individual rounds and the current overall.