Welcome to the 5th day of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge and the 3rd day of wind. We've completed 6 rounds of competition so far and if you check the results at the end of our news post yesterday you'll see Björn Dunkerbeck is currently holding the top spot with Zara Davis leading the girls.

The riders have had their skippers meeting and are already on the water.

Current conditions are slightly lighter with the 'bigger' gear being used - 7.0's and small slalom boards.

Keep checking back for updates...


Björn returned to the beach and said that it's a bit light this morning but we are getting some good runs in, I will stay on my 7.0 and try to get a few more


The 7th round is complete, in general the winds were a little lighter but speeds were similar to yesterday morning. Anders Bringdal seems to have found his form and posted some great speeds around the 38 mark, check our Facebook page shortly for a small video update from him.

Jurjen van der Noord said that he was hitting about 37.5 or so as a 10s average.

We'll bring you preliminary results very soon and a walk through of some of the kit on the beach.


Cramp, crashes and close calls in round 7. The competitors are beginning to tire after relentless winds are seeing them compete in 3 rounds a day, and today looks no less. In fact the inside info from the locals is that this afternoon could be the strongest yet.

Check out the preliminary results from round 7 below.


Round 8

The wind has kicked in and round 8 is underway. Before everyone launched a quick photo shoot took place with all the competitors by their kit at the beach. A few images can be seen below and more about this round on the next page.


Round 8 is currently on and the speeds are looking fast from everyone. Complaints of more cramp are coming in but amongst it it sounds like some 40 knot peaks are being achieved with everyone out on their dedicated speed boards.

Speaking to UK speed sailors Jim Crossley and William Trossell, who are both in a friendly battle to beat one another, the conditions sound fast as Trossell heads out on his small gear.

Meanwhile Jim is blasting down the course impressing the head judge Juan Aragon.

Some of the competitors are already heading up the beach finishing the heat early, well post news on that in a few minutes.


The juniors are in and Liam Dunkerbeck is a very happy man as he pushes over the 20 knot barrier for the first time. Using his 2.6 he reached 22.37 knots.


Following Jim Crossley and William Trossell, it seems like Jim had this one with his highest speeds yet - 38.46 and 38.39 with a peak of 39.6 knots. Unfortunately William seemed to cut his toe open quite deep during a crash and we are pretty certain that affected his performance.


The preliminary results are in, check them out below. Björn took the win in this round whilst Anders Bringdal saw a new competition peak record.

In the ladies, a tired Zara Davis took it a bit easy in this round with less runs but still impressive speeds, whilst Lena, who looks completely broken, posted her fastest runs so far.

One round to go, and whilst overall results are fairly decided egos will still be on the line...

Stay tuned, we will update you after the round as yours truly will take part.


Kids on course

The half an hour session for the kids just took place. Liam Dunkerbeck achieved another new personal best with a peak over 23 knots. Whilst Robin achieved an average just shy of 30 knots. "I'm really happy with that, everyday I love to windsurf, as often as I can and today was something different and still a lot of fun to be a part of".

One more smiling face was Alexa who said "yeah this was the fastest I ever sailed, but it wasn't scary at all, I reached 25.33 knots and it was really very exciting. I'm going back on the water now... she said to us whilst laughing.

"I think all the kids did great, they have improved though the week, they are very motivated both on their speed and their styles and it's a great gift to this event to see so many smiles, not just from the juniors but everyone else. It's such a great event and a lot of fun for us all. I also feel really lucky to be windsurfing and competing in the same event as my son and my father, it's a real privilege and one that I hope many more will get to experience at future Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenges". - Björn Dunkerbeck told us.


Injury update

We heard from William Trossell who was taken off to the doctor concerning his toe and he's had to have 3 stitches but is considering the last round as conditions are so great and he wouldn't like to lose his position

Graphic(ish) image below.