Björn Dunkerbeck has been "Inspired by Mother Earth", it's time to find out how and why the champion is taking a new look at windsurfing:

Words and images by Armin Walcher/Red Bull Content Pool.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck

How Peru has helped the 41-times world champion to recharge his batteries for his 30th Worldcup season.

Thirty years ago, Björn Dunkerbeck made his PWA World Tour Debut and this year he celebrates his jubilee. He has already been to many places on earth, but Peru has so far been an unknown spot for Björn. Now that he has travelled the whole country and soaked up the energy and inspiration offered by Pachamama ("Mother Earth"), he talks about how he experienced Peru and presents some future projects.

"I have already seen a great number of stunning places, but Peru has so far been a blank spot on my radar. Last year's season was full of ups and downs and this is why I figured it was time to take a trip into the unknown and to fill up my energy reserves. My intention here was not to be on the water 24/7, but to really experience Peru and all it has to offer.

Of course, being on the water is my number one goal. However, I believe that it can be really motivating to take a step back now and then. So why Peru?

Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Starting from Lima, we drove along the coast looking for ideal windsurfing spots. But just like last season, mother nature was not too generous and there was almost no wind. This is why I took the chance to fetch my SUP board and explore the coastline on the water. With its numerous untouched surf spots and beautiful landscapes, Peru definitely has the potential to become a hotspot in the future. I even got the chance to "join" hundreds of seals and seabirds in their natural habitat around the Ballestas islands while I was paddling around on my SUP there. I just couldn't believe how curious these seals were - they observed me attentively and even followed me around in the water. This definitely was a unique experience I have only made in Peru so far! Moments like this help to get one's mind off the World Cup and give new energy.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck

This season, Björn's first Speed Event is going to take place in Matas Blancas / Fuerteventura. From June 8 until June 13, pros and amateurs of all ages are welcome to take part in the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge.

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